The Norman Conquest 02
In which country is Normandy?

The Norman Conquest 02

This KS3 History quiz challenges you on the Norman Conquest. Duke William II of Normandy was head of the Norman Conquest of England. An English monk wrote that William's victory at Hastings was '.......a fatal we are ruled by foreigners and strangers'.

The invasion hadn't gone quite to William's plan. He assembled a fleet of approximately 700 ships and 7,000 soldiers but was stuck in port for about seven months due most likely to unfavourable winds. The fleet set sail but the weather changed and he lost a number of boats and men. Near the end of September, the weather changed again and the invasion fleet set off. They landed in Sussex at Pevensey.

After he had beaten the English at the Battle of Hastings, he expected that he would be proclaimed king. That didn't happen, so he made his way to London.

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When he arrived, the nobles who had proclaimed Edgar Ætheling as king surrendered. They declared their alliegance to William , who was crowned on Christmas Day. The English did not give up completely and there were some small-scale rebellions. The biggest of these were in the north of England. William put these rebellions down brutally in order to send a message out that it was not a good idea to be a rebel.

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  1. Harald Hardrada's men won which battle near York?
    This was fought against two English earls. Had they won, Harold II would not have had to lead his army north and the outcome of the Battle of Hastings could have been different
  2. Which brother of Harold supported Harald Hardrada?
    He was exiled by Harold and wanted revenge on his brother
  3. Harold defeated both men at which battle?
    In September 1066 - Tostig and Hardrada were killed
  4. The Battle of Stamford Bridge was in which county?
    The exact location of the battlefield is not known, it seems that different descriptions of the battle exist
  5. Which Duke claimed that Edward had also promised him the crown?
    He became known as William the Conqueror
  6. In which country is Normandy?
    The northern coast of Normandy lies opposite to the south coast of England
  7. Why was William's army delayed in sailing to England?
    They only had sailing ships and so they had to wait for the right wind direction to get them over the channel
  8. In late 1066, where did William of Normandy land?
    In Sussex
  9. Why had Harold lost some of his army?
    Also weary after the long march from Stamford Bridge
  10. Which history of England tells us a lot about 1066?
    Written by monks of the time

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