The Slave Trade 01
Apples were least likely to be exchanged for slaves in America.

The Slave Trade 01

This KS3 History quiz takes a look at the slave trade. The slave trade was about the buying and selling of humans. Slavery has existed throughout history - almost every ancient civilisation had slaves. Sometimes the slaves were enemies captured in wars, other times it was the least fortunate of their own people. By the 1700s a lot of people were getting very rich from the slave trade.

The modern slave trade seems to have been started by the Portuguese and Spanish. They had conquered and colonised large parts of South America. They carried slaves across the Atlantic Ocean from communities in West Africa, setting them to work in their colonies.

During the 1600s, a few English pirates had joined in the slave trade, making large profits from selling slaves to rich colonists. They ignored the fact that it was inhumane and unfair.

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British slave traders made a journey that has become known as the triangle of trade. First they would sail down to West Africa to trade goods for slaves. They would pack as many slaves as they could into their holds and make the middle passage from Africa, across the Atlantic to the Americas. There they would trade the slaves for goods like rum and sugar that they could sell for a profit back in England.

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  1. British slave trade ships sailed what route?
    England to West Africa to the Americas and back to England
  2. Which region was not part of the trade triangle?
    'America' meant mainly south-east USA
  3. The second leg of the triangle was known as the what?
    Where African slaves were taken to America
  4. Where were most slaves put to work?
    Usually sold by auction to plantation owners
  5. What was least likely to be exchanged for slaves in America?
    These plantation crops were then brought to Europe
  6. Which British colony in America was famous for tobacco growing?
    This was England's first colony. It was established during the reign of Elizabeth I
  7. The slave ships operated across which ocean?
    Slaves were captured in West Africa
  8. Why were some slaves thrown overboard while still alive?
    Many also died due to the filthy and cramped conditions on board slave ships
  9. Which port was NOT associated with the slave trade?
    It is on the north-east coast of Scotland and was not as convenient for getting down to Africa as the other ports
  10. Which islands were notorious for buying slaves?
    Because of the plantations

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