KS3 ICT Quiz
Web Publishing 02
The feature that lets you jump between web pages is a hyperlink. Jumping between two ramps requires a motorcycle!

Web Publishing 02

Find out about web publishing in this enjoyable KS3 ICT quiz. The intent of web design is to create and publish a website - a collection of online content including documents and applications that reside on a web server/servers. A web server is a computer that is permanently connected to the internet and is accessible by anyone. A website is usually produced on a local computer and then uploaded to the server. In order to become part of the World Wide Web (WWW), each page of the website needs to have an 'address' or uniform resource locator (URL for short). This is given by the domain name.

Web designers include a list of alternative fonts in the style sheet of a web page. If a computer can't find the font that the designer used for the website, the browser will display the text using a default font that is included with the operating system. There are font services on the World Wide Web which can be used. This means that designers don't have to rely on a viewer's computer system having the same font as they have used for their design. They can use a code that tells the browser to get the font from the WWW instead of the computer's operating system.

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  1. Why do web designers often use common fonts?
    No matter how hard a website designer tries, a web page will not look exactly the same on different computers
  2. Which of these formats is not suitable for web images?
    TIFF is not supported by most web browsers
  3. Which format is best for web images with few colours?
    Few colours or solid colours are usually best with GIF
  4. Which format is best for photographs on the web?
    JPEG (also JPG) is the file format designed for use with digital photographs
  5. How can you convert between GIF and JPEG formats?
    Every time that a file is saved like this, some quality is lost
  6. Which feature lets you jump between web pages?
    The words that you click on to follow the hyperlink are known as the anchor text
  7. Hyperlinks are useful because .......
    Sometimes the links become 'broken' if pages are deleted - very frustrating!
  8. Moving between pages using hyperlinks is called what?
    An early browser was called 'Netscape Navigator'
  9. What would a 'table' be used for in a web page?
    They can also be used for web page layouts, but there are much better methods available. In the early days of the World Wide Web, using tables was the only way that designers could control the layout of a web page and it is still useful when you first learn about building a website
  10. A series of data can be placed on a page by inserting it into a .......
    You would place the individual items of data in the table cells

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