KS3 RE Quiz
Lesser Known Religions 01
Rastafari is a religion centred on the African continent.

Lesser Known Religions 01

Paganism and Taoism are two lesser known religions. In the world of Religious Education, beliefs are very diverse and contain many religions other than the ones that we have devoted a quiz to.

To give you a flavour of other lesser known religions there is one question below about each of ten alternatives.

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  1. Taoism is about 'The Tao' - what is the closest translation of this?
    Taosim is rooted in Chinese customs and includes the martial arts discipline of Tai chi chuan
  2. Mormons believe which one of these to be true?
    Mormonism is often referred to as 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints'
  3. The followers of Jainism are strict vegetarians for what reason?
    Jains believe that plants are living beings, but accept that survival depends on causing some harm to plants
  4. Which of these is true about Pagans?
    Pagans are often misrepresented and poorly understood
  5. Shinto is the Japanese devotion to invisible spiritual beings called what?
    According to Shinto tradition there are eight million million kami in Japan
  6. Spiritualists believe that they can communicate with the spirits of people who have physically died by using a person with special skills known as a .....
    A decagon is an object with 10 sides!
  7. What is the name of the African religion in which music and dance play a very important part?
  8. Unitarians are happy to include people from which other group of religions?
    The word 'Unite' means to connect or join together
  9. Rastafarianism believes heaven is found on which continent?
  10. Which Christian-based religious movement believes that humanity is now in its last days?
    The others are all Christian based but only the Jehovah's Witnesses believe that 'The end' is very close

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