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Let’s start with a list of things we really are not keen about:

  • Adults who expect you to never get bored
  • Dreary textbooks
  • Tedious websites
  • Boring lessons

Get the picture? We’ve on your side!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s answer the top ten questions that students ask us…

Can you help me achieve better results at school?


Will you treat me like an adult?


Will you try very hard not to bore me?


How can Education Quizzes help me?

You will play enjoyable quizzes written by teachers and presented in an adult manner. The teachers know the exact problems you face because they’ve seen the same problems thousands of times before and the quizzes are written to help you overcome them.

Why use quizzes?

Quizzes are much more fun than tedious education sites and boring text books - your mind won’t wander. Every time you play a quiz you’ll be one step nearer to great exam results.

Do you have quizzes on all subjects?

The core subjects of English, Maths and Science are covered in great depth at all levels – KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and 11-Plus. Most other subjects like Geography, History and RE are also catered for. We don’t have sections for modern foreign languages.

Are they the same subjects as I’m being taught at school?

Yes, they are exactly the same. Take a look at the quiz listing pages for your age-group and you will see that the quiz titles match the subjects you are learning in class.

Do I have to play the quizzes on my own?

Absolutely not. The best thing you can do is to get the rest of your family and your friends involved. Get them to act as the quizmaster and ask you questions; then change it around and you act as the quizmaster to them. Learning is so much more fun when you do it with people you enjoy being with.

How do I know which quizzes I have played?

When you are logged in, the site automatically records the date played and the score for every quiz you visit. It’s great to see your score sheet filling up! If you don’t do very well in some quizzes then play them again until the RIGHT answers become second nature to you.

What should I do next?

Talk to your parents and ask them to come and look around the website with you. Tell them what you like about Education Quizzes and ask them if they think it is worth £9.95 per month. If they do then we’ll be delighted to welcome you aboard.

If your parents have any queries then they can always email us or telephone us on 01406 371799.

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