What are the Best Schools Near Me?

Interactive maps showing the best schools near you, as defined in the DfE League tables, can be found at either Engish Counties or London Boroughs

English Counties and London Borough Maps from Education Quizzes

Tables are produced annually for both primary schools and secondary schools by the Department of Education.  Although they are usually referred to as the “School League Tables” the department prefers them to be known as the “School Performance Tables”.  Data from the tables is used by Education Quizzes to produce interactive maps for each London borough and each individual county in England.

The maps contain the most recently published data and at the time of writing this is the figures provided for the year ending 31 December 2012.  Primary school league table statistics were published on 13 December 2012 and secondary school statistics were published on 24 January 2013.

For technical details about the maps please visit School League Tables – 2013 Data Release – Interactive Maps

Click on one of the links in the first paragraph above and then follow the instructions below to see how the maps work. If you are not familiar with the magic of Google maps, this can be used as a crash course!

When you get to the map of either the county or the London borough you will find a blue menu bar like the one below that reaches across the bottom of the map. Click the particular map that you require:

The Education Maps Menu Bar

Map of Lincolnshire - Normal ScaleThe map that appears will show the county or the London Borough with a highlighted, purple background.  This is only a thumbnail – it is much larger in “real life”!  Let’s blow up the purple area…




Map of Lincolnshire Scaled UpThe pins show the top-ranked schools from the top school (pin number 1) to the school ranked 50th in the county (pin number 50).








Education-Maps-Highlighted-Corby-Glen-SchoolClicking a pin (in this case number 19) reveals all the details of that particular school.

Notice that around pin number 6 there are a couple of other pins that we can’t see properly.  To get over this problem we will need to use the Google tool that appears on the left of the map and looks like the next illustration:





The Toolbar on Google MapsClicking the arrows in the top circle will move the map so that you can see surrouunding areas.  Clicking the “+” sign increases the scale of the map and clicking the “-” sign decreases the scale.

Left clicking and dragging the small horizontal bar between the “+” and “-” signs will also increase and decrease the scale.

Left clicking on the map itself and dragging will also enable you to move the map around to see the surrounding areas.

Clicking a couple of times on the “+” button on the map above would give you the illustration shown below:


Education Maps Showing Pins at Very Large ScaleNotice how the map is now a much larger scale but the pins have stayed the same size.  Now you could click to see the details of all those pins that were earlier hidden under the Number 6 pin.

And that is the magic of Google maps!



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