Fast Food versus Fresh Food

junk-foodSitting down to watch This Morning with my lunch in my lap (baked beans on toast) I start to feel slightly guilty watching their chef, Gino, cook a full meal in a matter of minutes from scratch. Instant food has become a preference to those who have a busy schedule but fast food is now creating its own problems in terms of child obesity.

McDonald’s and other fast food chains are found everywhere. Any journey you take you can rest assured you will pass one of them at some point before you reach your destination. The trouble with instant meals is that we then never need to learn how to cook a meal ourselves, filling our bodies with fatty ingredients instead.

Jamie Oliver, famous within the TV cooking field, has been a strong advocate of teaching children to cook and has starting piloting a food centre with teachers available to show parents and children how to create a healthy and tasty meal. If this could be established in each town it would dramatically change the types of food that we all eat and would help to decrease the numbers who are overeating.

Lifestyles have changed from the 1950s where wives would provide home-cooked meals as a matter of routine. Mothers would teach their children to cook who in turn would teach their own children the basics of food. See our quiz for tips on healthy eating! With the uprising of fast food chains, we have gradually stopped depending on home-cooked meals and taken to the easy option of hamburger and chips.

The tables seem to be turning as cooking lessons are being put back into school from next year onwards to give kids of all ages a chance to learn how to make their own meals. This learning will hopefully spill into the family environment, persuading parents to take the time to prepare their own meals as opposed to relying on meals from a can – even though it may seem the easiest option!

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