Golden Earth

hidden-treasure-chestWith technology propelling us at high speed into the future, many of us are also fascinated with the secrets of the past that can be found beneath our very feet.

As children we loved the idea of treasure hunts to long-lost islands finding chests full of priceless jewels.

Treasure does not necessarily have to come in the form of a fist-sized ruby (although I would also be happy with that). Treasure can also be found within a simple bone. This may seem odd to some people but in one bone you can literally read moments in history, moments that may have been lost until the bone surfaced.

The recent discovery of Richard III’s remains under a car park is a perfect example of how archaeological finds bring “treasured” knowledge to a country as the king’s remains provide historians the rare opportunity to build a picture of the king. Use our quizzes to find out more about our history!

On the back of Richard III, there is now news of Winchester housing the possible bones of Alfred the Great, which would be an even greater find due to the fact he is known as the first true King of our country.

Of course bones are only one of many items to be found by archaeologists and there are still “treasure chests” found such as the gold and silver pieces discovered in Staffordshire amounting to over 3 million pounds (no other find before that was valued this high).

Anyone can become an archaeologist by exploring the land around them. If you are lucky enough to find hidden treasure make sure that you report your find to the local coroner as otherwise per the Treasure Act in 1996 you could end up in legal trouble!

Rest assured that there may still be elusive gold coins at the bottom of your garden so keep digging…


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