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The answers given to questions at the Education Quizzes website provide valuable insights into what our children understand and what they don’t. This rich source of information has recently been used to form the basis of articles in The Times and The Daily Express.

If you don’t know how to spell the measurement that is equal to 100th of a metre then take heart because more than a third of our children can’t spell it either. Slightly more worrying is the fact that more than half our children don’t know the age when they are legally allowed to drink alcohol at home – do you know? Answers at the foot of the page.

The reason we can say with authority that 64% of children can’t spell centimetre (oops, given it away!) is this… Each time a question is answered online at the EQ site, our database records whether it was answered correctly or not and by analysing the percentage of rights and wrongs it is possible to determine the extent of the knowledge of children.

With over 5 thousand children playing educational quizzes at the site every day and over 2 million questions answered so far you get a good idea of what is well known and what is not. Think of it as a survey on a gigantic scale!

It occurs to us that these statistics might be useful to all sorts of different people – teachers, academics, educationalists and enthusiastic parents. For that reason we have decided to make the entire database available twice each year in .csv format. The first set of data (to mid March 2013) is available now and downloadable below.

Our quizzes cover 3 different age groups as follows: KS2 (age 7 to 10), KS3 (age 11 to 13) and GCSE (age 14 to 15) but for the sake of simplicity we have collected together all the quiz questions for any one subject into just one download. For instance, you will find that the “English” download includes KS2, KS3 and GCSE English sections. In the list below the number after the subject shows the total quantity of different questions at all levels. Here we go then, just click the links to go to the appropriate .csv file.

Biology: 600
Chemistry: 600
Citizenship: 150
English: 2,300
Geography: 700
History: 850
Information and Communication Technology: 340
Maths: 1,510
Music: 280
PE: 50
Physics: 600
PSHE: 50
Religious Education: 300
Science: 1,700
Spelling: 700
Times Tables: 290

The tables are fairly self explanatory but one or two notes might help with understanding them:

  1. You will need a programme such as Microsoft Excel to view and arrange the .csv files.
  2. With the help of the “Subject”, “Curriculum” and “Quiz Name” columns you can navigate to where the question appears on our site – you can also view the 4 multiple choice answers to each question.
  3. Sometimes the “Question” column is blank because we have what is known as a “Sweeping question” that is the same for all questions in a quiz. Some of the teachers who write our quizzes are more prone to this than others! Here again, you can look up the full set of questions and answers on the site.

If you have any problems with the data downloads then please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be pleased to help if we can.

We are happy for you to use the data in any way you like in pursuit of a greater understanding of how to help our children with their education. If you publish the data in any form then we will be extremely grateful if you provide a credit that includes a link to our site.

Give me, Colin, a call on 01406 371799 if anything needs clarification or if we can help any further.

Do you have any questions of your own about education? If you do, then the answers might be found on our Knowledge Bank page. We have dozens of articles, each one detailing information about one particular aspect of education and schooling. You’ll also find useful pieces full of advice for parents which will help you to raise a happy, and safe, child.

To put your mind at rest:
One hundredth of a metre is a centimetre and the minimum age for children to legally drink alcohol at home in the UK is five.

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