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setting-goalsThe biggest issue facing children is always going to be what do they want to be when they grow up. You will find that your child will go through phases of having very strong desires to be one thing only to change their mind some time later. They will probably change their minds several times as they go through school.

Before you get too concerned think back to your own school days and reflect as to whether you knew what you wanted to do? A very high percentage of you will have had no idea.

I think the first and the golden rule is that the children need to make their own choices. A child will do best when they can determine their own destiny in a big or a small way. Try not to be concerned if they cannot make up their minds.

There are certain key ages at which children have to make certain choices that may affect their future. The first will be at the end of Year 9 when they have to decide on the subjects they want to take for their GCSEs. Our GCSE quizzes may help to find subjects they enjoy. It is unlikely that they can pursue a subject at A Level that they haven’t done the GCSE for, so this is an important time.

If a child is unsure then a good rule of thumb is to follow their true interests and the subjects that they like and are good at. Of course if they want to be a doctor or some particular profession that requires certain key subjects then they must choose them regardless. But, children do best at those subjects for which they have affinity and a purpose for learning. Keeping their options open can be a good idea, for example by pursuing both the arts and the sciences.

The next threshold is of course A Level and that once again narrows their specialisation. They will need to consider whether they want to go to University and what course they might take there as the A Levels they choose may also then be important. Once again if they don’t know then go for the subjects they like the best.

They may not want to take A Levels and then there are many other qualifications they may pursue. Encourage your child to get qualifications because in today’s world these will help to get a good job and they do matter.

Each of these points including university, if they go, is a stepping stone on the road to their future. At each turn they may finally discover what it is that really drives them. If they do not, then don’t despair. Being young is a journey and there is time to make mistakes and change your mind. People can have more than one career in a lifetime. Don’t stifle your child with your concerns for their future, it is after all their future too and you need to let them work it out. Nine times out of ten they will!

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child-achievementGuest Blog by David Evans Bailey

David Evans Bailey is currently studying an MA at the University of Brighton in Digital Media Art. He taught ICT and Photography at Secondary School level for several years as well as being involved in many theatrical and other endeavours. His background is an IT professional.

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