FlowersSince the beginning of time flowers have amazed us with their natural beauty and their enticing scents. Flowers are usually given as a gift for an occasion, however, they have so many more uses. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but some flowers have historical and religious significance, they can can also be used for medicinal purposes and some flowers are even edible and served with food. Below are a few interesting facts about flowers.

A rose is probably one of the most well know types of flower, there are over 100 species of rose and it is often a symbol of love. What you probably didn’t know though is that roses are related to apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and almonds.

The lotus flower is commonly associated with purity and beauty in Buddhism and Hinduism. This is because the beautiful lotus flower always looks pure and clean in comparison to its surroundings, which is often a murky body of water. Ancient Egyptian scholars studied the lotus flower and noticed that at night time the flower closed and sank and when the sun rose, the flower would float and begin to bloom again. As a result of this, they associate the lotus with the sun and rebirth.

A lily is a beautiful large flower that can come in many different colours, in Japan a white lily is considered very lucky. A lily can grow up to six feet tall and it is a perennial plant which means it can survive up to two years in the wild. Lilies are not poisonous to humans, in fact they are often used in Asian medicine. However, they are very poisonous to cats. It is not known which part of the lily is poisonous to cats but they can cause renal failure if ingested, so keep your cat away from lilies.

Above are just a few interesting facts about flowers but there are so many more and you will find them in the links below. You will also see a link which gives 25 suggestions about how to make flowers fun for you and your kids, take a look.

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