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Literature-SuccessQuestion: Which classic novel opens with “Call me Ishmael”?

Answer: Moby Dick! Written by Herman Melville.

It is a tragedy that a number of talented authors were only appreciated after their deaths, despite them authoring classics that are now known worldwide.

Once such author is Herman Melville. Considered one of the great American classics, his whaling tale Moby Dick was originally a flop and it was only thirty years after his death in 1891 that his book was rediscovered. It is now read by school children all over the United States. Herman Melville had to take employment as a customs inspector for 20 years due to not making a living as writer!

The Bronte sisters were similarly unappreciated during their lifetimes. Charlotte Bronte penned the now famous classic Jane Eyre (published in 1847) and was originally paid £100 for it – a good sum in those days! But with it now being on school reading lists and read by people around the world she would have been within the financial ranks of J K Rowling. A first edition copy of Jane Eyre was put up for auction a few years ago with an estimate of between 30,000 and 50,000 pounds.

The renowned poet Edgar Allan Poe become a household name after publication of his poem The Raven but he was only paid 9 dollars for it. He struggled throughout his lifetime to make a financial success out of his writing. The Raven has since been published in numerous anthologies and has inspired other literary works.

A piece of literature is truly a classic if it can be written over a hundred years ago and still be read generation after generation. I only wish that authors such as the Bronte sisters could know the influence their writing has had.

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  1. It is unfortunate that writers and many artists will never know the influence they had, however that’s not what drove them to write. They had an irresistable urge to tell stories for others to read and that would never have been about money or noteriety but just for the sheer joy of creating potential futures for others to enjoy.

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