Hour Of Code

Hour-Of-CodeQuestion: How many Hour Of Code events are happening around the world?

Answer: 196,410! 2,387 in the United Kingdom

This week is Computer Science Education week and to encourage more children and adults to explore Computer Science, the non-profit group Code.org has organised the Hour of Code project. This project encourages people to host an hour (or more) of tutorials on coding for people of all ages. There are 196,410 events being hosted around the world in more than 180 countries. There are 2,387 events happening in the United Kingdom alone!

A number of international companies have gotten involved such as Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. Apple have actually turned their 468 shops into classrooms this week to provide places for people to come together and learn their hour of coding! Apple are trying to get rid of the solitary concept of computer programming by making it into a group activity.

There are a number of themed initiatives which are cleverly providing a fun way for people of all ages to learn about programming such as a Frozen-themed tutorial where Elsa and Anna explore the beauty of ice through coding! There is also a Star Wars-themed tutorial where you can learn to program your own droids. In case neither of these interest you, there is also a Minecraft coding tutorial where you can take Steve or Alex through the world of Minecraft!

Our lives are very much dependent on computers nowadays and for technology to advance it is important that the next generations are encouraged to explore the creativity of computer programming. The next Steve Jobs might be waiting for his moment of inspiration through his hour of coding fun!

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