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Mr-PeakeQuestion: As of today, how many astronauts officially from the UK have set foot on the International Space Station?

Answer: 1 – There have been other “British” astronauts, but they had US citizenship or were privately funded.

Today, at 11:03 UK time, a space craft blasted off into space. Carrying with it, the first ever astronaut to officially be from the UK, to step onto the ISS (International Space Station). There have been other Brits who have been to the space station, however they either had US citizenship and worked for NASA or had been privately funded.

The man in question is a man named Tim Peake. Tim had been in training since 2009 and logged a staggering 6,000 hours of training time to get himself prepared for today. He and his fellow astronauts also spent the past two weeks in quarantine, which protected themselves and the space station from possible contamination.

So after 6 years of training and preparation, Tim and his team launched off to the ISS. The rocket generated a massive 422.5 tonnes of thrust when it took off – the equivalent of 26 million horsepower. After a minute it soared upwards towards space at 1,000mph (1,600km/h) and after nine minutes of travel, the Soyuz spacecraft had reached zero gravity. After the spacecraft entered orbit, relatives of and friends cheered and hugged in celebration.

The team is expected to make their arrival at approximately 17:24 UK time. Tim will be spending six months on the space station, conducting experiments as well as carrying out educational projects in order to get more young people attracted to science.

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So would you want to travel to space one day? Do you think you would make it through the same 6 years of training as Tim Peake?

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