The End

Blatter-And-Platini-BlogQuestion: How long are Blatter and Platini banned for?

Answer: 8 years each – This applies to all football related events.

Recently, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and UEFA boss Michel Platini, were both handed 8 year bans from all football related events. This follows the FIFA Ethics Committee finding them both guilty of a “disloyal payment” totalling $2m (£1.3m), which was made from Blatter to Platini back in 2011.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that FIFA had suspended both Blatter and Platini from their respective roles in football, for 90 days. But now they have been given full bans for this long, one must think that it’s the end for both men in football. Having said that, Blatter is to step down from the FIFA Presidency anyway.

FA boss Greg Dyke sad he has “no sympathy” for Blatter, also going onto say “Any suggestion this corruption was happening, Blatter saw it as an attack on both FIFA and himself.”

Initially, Dyke had backed Platini to take over as FIFA president once Blatter stepped down, but now that is quite obviously out the window. Dyke said “Having opted quite early for Platini, we had no idea about any of this case, we haven’t decided who we are going to support.” He then continued saying “We’re going to look at all of the candidates in January and February and make our minds up quite late.”

The FA wasn’t the only association/federation that backed Platini, as the Scottish FA were opting for Platini also.

It is quite remarkable that it has been four years since the disloyal payment was made from Blatter to Platini. To go unnoticed this long is quite astonishing. However, it does put into perspective how long the possible corruption has been going on for though.

In my opinion, it is definitely justice served. With other corruption charges looming over other FIFA officials, this is hopefully the beginning of the end for corruption in football. 8 years is a perfect example to anyone, whether they’re at FIFA, UEFA or even The FA, that corruption and bribery is completely unacceptable in football.

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