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Things-To-Do-BlogQuestion: How many days do children in England attend school each year?

Answer: 195 – With Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, plus half term breaks, they have 170 days off school

So here we are in 2016 at the dawn of another year. Christmas is now but a memory and the novelty of your child’s gifts may have worn off. But school doesn’t start again for another few days.  If you have a bored child on your hands what can you do to entertain them? Well, apart from spending some time at Education Quizzes where the fun never stops(!), there are quite a few options available to you.  Here are just a handful.

First of all there is the great outdoors – weather permitting.  If it’s snowed where you are then you have a winter wonderland to play in, with snowballs, snowmen and sledges. But even if you have no snow, you can wrap up warm and go out for a walk.  Nature has some beautiful scenes to show you at this time of year.  Or, if it’s windy, why not fly a kite?  If you don’t have one already there are some inexpensive ones on the market.

If it’s raining you might find yourself stuck inside the house.  But don’t fret – there are plenty of diversions to be found in the home. You could turn your living room into a cinema.  Choose one or two of your child’s favourite films and make an afternoon of it. Alternatively you could venture into the kitchen.  There are plenty of recipes online.  Choose one with your child that they’ll enjoy eating afterwards.  This could be anything from pizza to cake, depending on your child’s age. Or if you don’t fancy that why not dig some board games out of the cupboard under the stairs?  They’re a fun way to bring the whole family together.

If none of these appeal, then you can always create your own fun. What were your favourite games as a child?  Maybe you liked to play hide and seek or marbles.  Whatever your preference, you could introduce it to your child. Another option is to get arty.  Drawing and painting are always fun and, what’s more, at the end of it you’ll have a piece of art to hang on your child’s wall or the fridge door.

Most importantly though, you don’t have to find activities for every moment.  Children have wonderful imaginations and, if left to play in their bedrooms or in the garden, they are usually quite capable of entertaining themselves.

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