Valentine’s Scam?

Roses-Are-Red-Violets-Are-BlueQuestion: How many Valentine’s Day cards were sent in the UK this year?

Answer: About 25 million – The British Retail Consortium says that £1.3 billion is spent on cards and other romantic gifts each year

Today’s the day when millions of people will receive chocolates, flowers and cards from their partners – and woe betide those who forget! Others will get anonymous cards from mysterious admirers and still more may be heartbroken when their doormats lie empty (though, as Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, posties will have already dropped off any cards sent via Royal Mail). With such a large market at their fingertips, retailers are eager for us to put our hands in our pockets on Valentine’s Day. But has it all become just too commercial?

According to statistics gathered by, (caution: you even have to pay to see the report, so be careful if you click on the link!) 65% of us send a card despite over half of us believing it a waste of money.  It seems that we feel a sense of obligation – we must buy a card, or else! And it’s not just cards that we spend our money on.  Here are some more figures:

  • Roughly one fifth of us give flowers on Valentine’s Day, spending £260 million in total.
  • About 9 million of us receive chocolates of some description on Valentine’s Day.
  • 5% of Valentine’s Day cards are sent to our children, 4% to our friends and 3% to our parents. Even our pets get cards!
  • 3% of men buy lingerie for their partner – a risky business if you choose the wrong size!
  • One quarter of us dine out on Valentine’s Day and the restaurants know it! Many of them have a more expensive menu for this particular day.
  • 5% of us, the majority men, will buy jewellery for their beloved. Perhaps some of them are buying engagement rings? It’s certainly a popular day for proposals!

It seems that retailers really are getting money out of us on Valentine’s Day. We all want to show the most important people in our lives that we love them but it doesn’t take a large bank account to do so.  How about a handmade card, breakfast in bed or a romantic meal at home?  Better still, small gestures and everyday actions are the ideal way to express your love – at least that’s what I think; you may have other ideas!

Whatever you are doing this Valentine’s day, we here at Education Quizzes hope that you have a very happy time!

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