YouTube And The Fine Brothers

YouTube-And-The-Fine-BrothersQuestion: What have the popular YouTube stars “The Fine Brothers’” tried to trademark?

Answer: Reaction videos – A plan to license the format to other video-makers has cost the YouTube stars hundreds of thousands of subscribers

YouTube has been around for 11 years now and it just seems to be growing more and more popular by the second and has some interesting history, before we get into the Fine Brothers, here are some facts about YouTube:

  • YouTube was initially meant to be a dating website
  • YouTube crossed 1 Trillion hits in 2011 alone – That’s 140 views per person alive on earth
  • YouTube videos of length around 500 years are watched every single day on Facebook alone.
  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute
  • YouTube has more HD content than any other online video website.
  • It would take over 1,700 years to watch all the video content on YouTube – That is not including all future content

It’s clear to see that YouTube has grown to become incredibly successful… But so have the Fine Brothers!

The Fine Brothers have been creating content online since 2004 and began to upload videos to their newly created YouTube channel in 2007. They quickly gained subscribers on the website due to their regular uploads of comedy videos which contained mature social satire humour.

The Fine Brothers continued to gain subscribers and subsequently began creating more channels to post content on. They now have a total of 3 separate YouTube channels:

  1. TheFineBros
  2. TheFineBros2
  3. React

The react channel was an incredible success and was used to post videos of different generations reacting to other videos and sometimes products.

It was recently announced that the Fine Brothers’ planned to copyright and license “Reaction™” videos and their format. Which is incredibly controversial because a lot of other YouTube content creators use the reaction format in their videos.

The brothers have now said trademark applications will be rescinded and they have both wrote a blog apologizing which can be found here –

However, this has not stopped people from being offended by their actions. The Fine Brothers have been losing subscribers by the second.

By the time you’ve read this blog post – The Fine Brothers would have lost approximately 380 subscribers. Prior to this controversy, the Fine Brothers were gaining 9,000-10,000 per day.

Do you think their actions are justified or not? We would love to hear your opinions.

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