Classroom Jet

Classroom-JetQuestion: What is a primary school in Essex planning to use as a classroom?

Answer: A disused private jet – They found it is cheaper than building a whole new classroom.

A primary school in Essex has chosen to use a disused private jet as a new classroom. The school bought the jet for an undisclosed sum and has stated that it will be a lot cheaper to renovate the jet, than build an entire new classroom from scratch.

The jet was found by the school’s social media manager Jon Baker, who was having a flying lesson at Southend airport at the time and he came up with the idea to make it into a classroom.

Once renovated, the jet will be able to house 15 pupils. It will also be using solar panels and wind turbines as its power source.

Claire Reynolds, the school’s business manager said “It will receive a full make-over to turn it into a brand new exciting learning space for the children to engross themselves in.”

The local council will be monitoring the renovation, to make sure that it is made safe for the pupils to use. The school estimates that the renovation will take up to four months to complete.

Claire then goes onto say “We have a lot of expertise on site, including Mr Baker, who’s a real plane enthusiast. It’s his baby. Our school has limited space for expansion and we were keen to find an exciting and unusual way to further engage our children and expand on their learning.”

The jet will eventually become the hub for the school’s ICT and media studies subjects. Teachers are also hoping that the experience of learning inside of a unique space, will elevate the pupil’s learning.

I think it’s great initiative by the school, to think outside the box and use a very unorthodox method of creating a new classroom.

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