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Early-Years-TeachingQuestion: What does Save the Children want to see in all nurseries in England?

Answer: Qualified early years teachers, to help develop skills like speech and language.

Save the Children says, pre-schoolers can be set back decades if their brains aren’t stimulated enough before they make the step up to formal schooling. They say early teachers can assist children and parents with learning, by helping develop speech and language.

Ministers say that they making major investments in the sector, working with the profession to improve its status.

To become an early years teacher, candidates need to have a degree and at least a GCSE C in English, maths and science. They will also need to pass professional tests on numeracy and literacy, as well as complete a period of teacher training.

Lighting Up Young Brains, is the name of the report that Save the Children made, along with the Institute of Child Health at University College London. The report highlights that pre-school years is a “critical opportunity” for the brain to develop key skills. The report also suggests the government should change playtime to “brain time”, under the guidance of a qualified early years teacher.

The charity also claims that the government figures show almost 130,000 children in England last year, were falling behind in language abilities before they had even reached school. This means six children in every reception class struggled with their language skills.

During its research, Save the Children also conducted a survey of 1,000 parents and they found that almost half had low expectations for their child’s early learning. Of the 1,000 parents that were surveyed, 47% of them said that they hoped their children would know 100 words by their third birthday – which is only half of the recommended number.

56% of those surveyed also said that they did not think they had enough help and advice to understand their child’s early learning.

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If you would like to take a look into what Save the Children is all about and what they do, then head over to their website.

Let us know what you think as well, do you think early learning teachers is the right step in helping future generations?

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