Google AI Beats “Go” Champion

Google-AI-Beats-Go-ChampionQuestion: Lee Se-dol, one of the world’s top “Go” players just finished a competition against Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence. Who won – man or machine?

Answer: Machine – Google’s AI has secured it’s fourth win over a master player

After a five match challenge against Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence, Lee Se-dol, one of the world’s top players of “Go”, won just one of the matches against the AlphaGo program, missing out on the possible $1m prize fund.

If you are unaware on what Go is, allow me to explain.

Go is a Chinese game that is thought to be more than 2,500 years’ old!

Using black-and-white stones on a grid, players aim to surround their opponents pieces with their own and “capture territory” and the opponent’s stones.

The game is said to be a lot simpler than chess, but a player typically has a choice of approximately 200 moves, which is compared with about 20 in chess – there are more possible positions in Go than atoms in the universe.

Go is a board game that has had artificial intelligence stumped for years… But it looks like Google’s AI has finally cracked it with this impressive win against human intelligence.

The five match challenge began in Seoul on the 9th of March, where AlphaGo scored its first victory.

The second and third matches also resulted in a loss by Lee Se-dol. He said that he was “speechless” and that the AI was playing close to perfect games.

It was the fourth game which Lee Se-dol brought his top game and won. After winning the game he stated “I’ve never been congratulated so much because I’ve won one game.”

The artificial intelligence system was developed by the British computer company DeepMind which was later bought by Google in 2014. The AI has been learning since creation by studying older games and teasing out patterns of play.

Although artificial intelligence won this battle against human, this does not mean that AI is now smarter than us. AlphaGo is only proficient in this one area, and knows little if not anything about anything, other than board games.

Other than that, AlphaGo doesn’t care if it wins or loses, or even plays the game at all.

Are you sceptical about artificial intelligence advancements or do you think it is a good thing?

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