Lay A Little Egg For Me

Hunny-BlogI spent a pleasant morning yesterday visiting my parents. My mum has always had a pet of one sort or another and she currently looks after three Buff Orpingtons. You might not know what Buff Orpingtons are – they are a breed of chicken.

These three privileged birds have landed on their feet having Mum as their protector. ‘Why?’, you might ask. Let me tell you: their coop has the grand name of ‘Cluckingham Palace’; they are given hot water bottles in winter; porridge for breakfast and freshly-baked scones all year round.

One particular chicken, the matriarch ~ who incidentally is called Nimbus due to her soft grey colouring ~ has become brave enough to enter the house and will eat from our hands. My other half (sometimes better half, sometimes not!) got the honour of having his hand gently pecked by Nimbus yesterday. And the scones he was feeding her with were made using her very own eggs, of course!

There is a massive amount of information on the web about chickens. I particularly enjoyed reading this one as it’s full of humour, character and wit.

Keeping chickens is relatively easy, but can be expensive. The coop must be waterproof and able to keep foxes out, as well as warm enough during the colder months. Chickens are prone to mites and will need to be treated; not only the actual birds but also the coop and surrounding area. Like any pet (or plant), they flourish with love, care and attention.

You might be wondering about the other two chickens at Cluckingham Palace. Their names are Hunny and Lemon, also due to their colouring. Sadly, Lemon is last in the pecking order but, rest assured, Mum makes sure she gets just as much as the others. The image above is of Hunny enjoying a mud bath in the front garden.

Would you like to keep chickens? Do your family have chickens? If so, we’d love to hear about your adventures with them. And we’d be delighted to see any photographs of them.

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