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Rutland-Osprey-BlogI told you in an earlier blog that ospreys fly back each year from SOUTH Africa and it has been pointed out to me that they actually come back from WEST Africa. Many thanks to Kayleigh Brookes for pointing-out my error.

We have been watching the development of the 3 osprey “chicks” of Rutland Water on their webcam from the time they hatched in mid-May. Since then they have been fed on the abundant fish in the reservoir by their doting parents and they have grown out of all recognition. Now they are beautiful young adults and ready to leave the nest at any time. Why not pay a visit to the webcam now and see them before they go?

Earlier in the week I was talking to a keen fisherman who holds a permit to fish Rutland Water for trout and I asked him if he felt resentful that the ospreys took some of the fish that he might otherwise catch. To my surprise, and joy, he told me that the most exciting thing about fishing at Rutland is not the fish but the ospreys. Reading between the lines (although a fisherman would never admit it) I believe he fishes BECAUSE of the ospreys and not IN SPITE of them. Unfortunately, he was not so fond of the cormorants that also abound in the area!

The chicks have been given bright blue leg rings – please see picture above courtesy of John Wright of the Rutland Osprey Project. The youngsters are now known as T6, T7 and T8. I would love to name them “Maya’s adorable chick number one in 2016” etc. but unfortunately that can’t be fitted on the size of the ring! At least we will be able to watch out for them in future years and there will be great jubilation when they are next identified in the UK after their first migration.

Don’t forget – watch the webcam now if you want to see them.  And for much more information about the birds all around us take a look at the bird section of the EQ website.

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