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We’ve been asking for you to send your writing, paintings, drawings or photographs you’ve done with a nature theme to us at Your Own Words. One of our users, Dorine Bamwenda, has done just that. Now, it may seem odd having a blog about winter in July, but remember that we have users all over the globe and July is the beginning of summer for the half of the world who live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dorine’s favourite season is the winter and this blog lists Dorine’s favourite things about that time of year.  Why don’t you do the same? You’ll find details of what to write about and where to send it on our competitions page. But right now sit back, relax and enjoy Dorine’s article.

Winter-Jul-14-BlogWinter Season

My favourite season is winter, because there is so much to do! Us kids can make snowmen or snow angels and roast marshmallows. But there are many things I love about winter. Here is a list of a few:



  • You can eat soups and stews every single night
  • Wearing winter coats makes you feel cosy all day
  • You can eat a lot more because you need all those extra calories to keep warm
  • Being able to snuggle up under a huge blanket while watching TV is one of life’s greatest pleasures
  • You can drink ALL of the hot chocolate
  • You can spend hours in a warm bubble bath
  • Going on ski holidays is always fun
  • You can finally use your fireplace
  • Flannel pyjamas are so much comfier than summer PJs
  • Packing hot water bottles around you in bed feels so luxurious
  • Halloween-and-XmasHalloween and Bonfire Night a fun nights which show that winter is on its way
  • Christmas and New Year are the best days of the year
  • Pop-up calendar shops
  • The first snow of the year
  • Feeling really cold…and then feeling really warm again
  • Sponge puddings.
  • Late night or evening walks with someone special in the perfect atmosphere
  • Winter makes your days less tiring and keeps you energized all through the day!

I love food and winter is the best season for foodies! Winter helps our digestive systems function better and also there’s a whole section of veggies available only during winter. So, it’s a total win-win for foodies!

Written by Dorine Bamwenda, aged 9.

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