A Myriad of Minerals

amethyst-oct-29-blogA few days ago I wrote about the mineral Blue John. This got me thinking about crystals in general and I remember looking at crystal caves a couple of years ago on the Internet – they are amazing.

I have a small collection of crystals/stones/minerals. Some people believe they have certain healing properties, such as jasper giving you strength and vitality or peridot for prosperity and growth, but I simply like them because they are pretty. Below are a few of my favourites and a little bit about each one. Enjoy!

  • Quartz – this has been used for a very long time in a variety of ways. It was found studded into a passage tomb at Newgrange in Ireland – Newgrange was built around 3200 BC. Quartz is also found in jewellery, watches and ornaments. It comes in different colours – I have a clear quartz piece
  • Obsidian – this is actually a volcanic glass and is black in colour. It has been used in pottery, for making sharp tools such as arrowheads and was polished in early days for use as a mirror. Some surgeons have used obsidian as a knife blade as its cutting edge is far sharper than steel. I have a lovely snowflake obsidian in my collection
  • crystal-cave-oct-29Kyanite – this is primarily blue in colour and is used in ceramics, dishware and even plumbing fixtures, as well as electronics and insulators. The word kyanite comes from the Greek meaning deep blue
  • Turquoise – I bet you can’t guess what colour this is! Various civilizations believed that if worn, turquoise would protect you from harm and even change colour depending on the health of the wearer. It has been used in pottery, shields, masks and jewellery, and is found on the gold burial mask of Tutankhamun. I own a pair of turquoise earrings

There are many, many more minerals to find out about if you are interested. A stone is sometimes not ‘just’ a stone – you never know what you might find on your travels!

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