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mango-thief-nov-3-blogWe’ve been asking for you to send your nature-themed writing, paintings, drawings or photographs to us at Your Own Words. One of our readers, Tan Yi-Xuen, has done just that. Tan’s entry to our writing competition is slightly different – it’s a short story, rather than a description of nature. Yet it contains some beautifully-worded imagery of the natural world. I do hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

The Mango Thief

Rod leaned against the bark of the old mango tree whilst eating the sweet flesh of a yellow mango. Glancing around, he looked for the owner of these wonderful plump fruits, and yet no one had come to scold him yet…

So here he was, enjoying nature’s creation despite the laws he knew he had broken. When he had finished his mango, the juice sticking to his fingers, he stared up at the tree. A seductive glint of orange flashed between the branches now and then because of the light breeze blowing.

Sighing, Rod got to his feet. His dark olive skin stood out starkly among the lush oasis of greenery planted with fruit trees and climbing jasmine. Rod started climbing the huge mango tree, and was proceeding to cut the tough skin of one juicy mango when there was a loud, angry shout.

Looking up and catching sight of the furious farmers, he silently debated the choice of whether to stay or to escape.

boy-in-tree-nov-3He decided the latter.

Rod jumped down from the tree, mango still in hand, and scaled the vines that grew along the stone wall separating the farmland from the city. It was sunset, and the sun flushed the stone walls of the city a deep pink and vibrant yellow, making the golden path winding through the city a dazzling gold.

Blinking, he shook the sudden blinding effect of the light off his eyes, and then continued running deeper into the city. Great mist-wreathed mountains stretched into the distance, covered with exotic trees: dark green and twisted in shape.

Rod sighed and settled down in one of the alleyways, facing the mountains that he had grown so familiar with, whilst pondering over what he had done that day.

– tanyixuen, aged 11

If you’d like to submit a piece of writing, a photograph, a drawing or a painting for publication in Nature Matters then have a look at our Competitions page which has more details. And while you are there be sure to check out our Best Score of the Month competition. November’s prize is a £250 voucher from Friends of the Earth!

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