Urban Foxes

Foxes-June-17-BlogA number of years ago I lived in a bungalow which backed onto a small wood. As you might imagine, the garden was full of wildlife. I regularly saw woodpeckers, both green and great spotted varieties. In addition I was visited by badgers, hedgehogs and foxes.

The back garden was in two layers and we decided to leave the lower level a ‘mess’ – in the hope that wildlife might use it as their home. Guess what? It worked. We had a family of foxes that lived down there and one year were privileged to watch two fox cubs play on our lawn (the upper level) at dusk, while we watched from the lounge windows (keeping the lamps off). It was marvellous. Mum wasn’t far away keeping a watchful eye on her babies.

Urban-Fox-June-17Another year saw me looking after a poorly solitary fox. This fox obviously had mange as its tail was very thin. It lived in our garden and at the time I was seeing a homeopath, so I mentioned it to her. She recommended a remedy, advising me to put the drops on a piece of bread smothered with peanut butter and to leave the bread near where the fox lived each day. Why peanut butter? Well, it had to be something that only the fox would eat – and not all the neighbourhood cats (of which there were many). Cats generally dislike peanut butter.

The good news is that after a couple of weeks, ‘our’ fox was looking a whole lot better and we eventually stopped treating him (or her).

If you have local foxes who are looking scrawny or lacking fur, you might want to look into homeopathic remedies. They are harmless and relatively inexpensive. A good place to start is The Society of Homeopaths website where you can read up about homeopathy.

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