Skirts for Shorts

Uniform-June-17-BlogIt’s been a very warm week with temperatures as high as 34.5° Celsius – that’s the hottest June day since the legendary heatwave of 1976, which I can only barely remember. With such stifling conditions we all want to try to stay cool and one way of doing this is to wear shorts rather than trousers. However, for children at school, and specifically for boys, that’s not always an option.

Most schools have some kind of dress code, if not a full uniform. Boys attending ISCA Academy in Exeter must wear trousers at all times and are forbidden from wearing shorts. Because of this week’s exceptional weather, pupils asked for the rules to be changed but were refused. This led to them taking matters into their own hands in the form of a protest…

How did the boy’s register their unhappiness? By refusing to attend classes? By picketing the school gates? No, they did something much less disruptive which highlighted perfectly why they think they are being treated unfairly – they wore skirts!

Schoolbay-june-17The academy does give pupils some leeway for the sake of their comfort in hot weather. Students are permitted to take off their ties as long as they carry them around with them. They are also allowed to untuck their shirts when in lessons, but must tuck them back in when they leave the classroom. However, when it comes to shorts there is little room for manoeuvre – girls can wear trousers or tartan skirts but boys can only wear trousers.

Do you think the ban on shorts is acceptable? Personally it seems unfair to me that the comfort of boys is non-negotiable. After all, we are supposed to live in an equal society where members of both sexes are treated the same. And what are your views on the protest? Was it the right thing to do or should the rules of a school be followed to the letter? Let the Education Quizzes team know what you think by filling in the comments box below. We’d love to get a whole range of opinions starting with yours!

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