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Slug-a-bed-Sep-17-BlogThe words we use are constantly changing. New words enter the language all the time and old words are dropped. I’m getting on now – I’m in my 40s which, compared to some of you, makes me an old man. I can remember words I used in my childhood which have fallen out of fashion  ‘ace’ or ‘mega’ meaning ‘very good’, or ‘chinny-wag’ meaning ‘I don’t believe you’.

There are some great words which are in danger of becoming extinct. But, in an attempt to save them, researchers at the University of York have compiled a list of 30 lost English words which could be brought back into daily use. Here is the list in full:

  • Ambodexter. Someone who accepts bribes from two rivals
  • Awhape. To astound
  • Betrump. To cheat or lie
  • Coney-catch. To con or deceive
  • Dowsabel. Darling or sweetheart
  • Ear-rent. Having to listen to boring or incessant speech
  • Fumish. Hot-tempered
  • Hugge. To shiver
  • Hugger-mugger. Secrecy
  • Losenger. A false flatterer
  • Man-millinery. Male vanity
  • Merry-go-sorry. A happiness and sorrow at the same time
  • Momist. One who finds fault. A nit-picker
  • Nickum. A dishonest person
  • Parget. To put too much makeup on
  • Peacockise. To strut ostentatiously
  • Percher. One aspiring to a higher rank
  • Quacksalver. A non-qualified person who treats illnesses
  • Rouker. A gossip monger
  • Wlonk-Sep-17Rouzy-bouzy. Noisy and drunk
  • Ruff. To boast or brag
  • Sillytonian. A gullible person
  • Slug-a-bed. Someone who sleeps too long
  • Snout-fair. Pretty or handsome
  • Stomaching. Malicious
  • Swerk. To be down or depressed
  • Teen. To annoy or to make suffer (I wonder how that one came about!)
  • Tremblable. Terrifying
  • Wasteheart. Sorrow, pity or regret
  • Wlonk. One who flaunts their wealth

I love the English language – especially old words like ‘kine’ which means ‘cattle’ or ‘dwimmer-crafty’ meaning ‘skilled in the dark arts’. Most of the words on this list are new to me so I shall try to adopt them. They’ll bring extra flavour to my speech and my writing.

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