Oktoberfest-Sep-17-BlogIt’s the first of September and summer is almost over. September sees the beginning of autumn and the start of a new school year, so it’s probably your least favourite month! But what do we know about September? How did it get its name, what special days does it have and why is there a picture of a beer festival at the start of this blog? Read on and learn all about the 9th month of the year with these fantastic September facts:

  • The name September comes from the Latin word septem which means seven. That’s because the Roman year began in March so September was the 7th month
  • The Anglo Saxons called September Haligmonath which means holy month. That’s because, in ancient times, it was a month with many religious rituals when people made sacrifices to the gods
  • In 1752 Britain changed its dating system. We abandoned the old Julian Calendar for the modern Gregorian one. But this meant that, for that year only, the day following September 3rd was September 14th. Superstitious folk at the time believed that their lives had been shortened by 11 days and they rioted!
  • Corn-Dolly-Sep-17September is traditionally the month of harvest when crops were gathered and ‘corn dollies’ made from the straw to house the spirit of the corn goddess until next year’s seeds were sown
  • Tolkien Week is celebrated in September. In his epic novel, The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo and Frodo were both born on September 22nd
  • The autumnal equinox, when day and night are of equal length, falls every September. This year’s occurs on September 22nd
  • September 29th is Michaelmas, the feast day of the archangel Saint Michael. Geese were traditionally eaten on Michaelmas and many towns had goose fares. One which still continues (though geese are no longer sold there) is the famous Nottingham Goose Fair which now begins in the first days of October
  • Another famous event is the German beer festival, Oktoberfest. Despite its name, Oktoberfest begins midway through September

So now you know that September isn’t all bad – there are lots of fun things going on, despite the end of the summer holidays. And to make your return to school a bit smoother, get mum and dad to read this free guide, Back to School. It should make the experience just that little bit easier – for you and for them!

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