How EQ Helps One of its Members

Ollie Jessop

Ollie Jessop

The Education Quizzes website is particularly useful for autistic children and young people, such as Ollie.

Ollie’s mum, Emma Venning, has been telling us about how useful the format is for someone with the issues her son has to cope with.

He uses the quizzes every day as an integral part of his home-schooling and his mum says the website has sparked a new love for learning in him.

This is what Ollie’s mum had to say about it.

What are Ollie’s symptoms and how did they impact on his ability to learn before he started using the Education Quizzes website?

Ollie has a diagnosis of ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

He has a lot of sensory issues, is easily distracted and struggles to stay focused on a task unless he is prompted regularly.

Ollie also struggles with writing. He is capable but finds it very painful.

Due to his frustrations towards working and writing, Ollie gets very agitated when asked to carry out written activities.

We understand Ollie is home-schooled. How does he find this and what was it like before he began visiting the Education Quizzes site?

School caused Ollie a huge amount of anxiety and aggression towards himself and others.

This has improved since being home-schooled as the pressure of a typical school day has been taken away.

Home-schooling allows us to work to Ollie’s ability, focusing on particular subjects, which helps him to engage better with his learning.

How did you find out about Education Quizzes and was Ollie keen to try the questions at first or did it take a while?

We first heard about Education Quizzes when it was advertised on a home education Facebook page we are members off. A few parents were suggesting fun ways to help learning.

When I first introduced the quizzes to Ollie he wasn’t very keen as he has a negative approach to learning because he feels he isn’t very good at it.

Plus, when he first saw the quizzes he thought they were tests so he completely shut off. But by having a look together he soon realised it was a fun way to learn.

What does Ollie enjoy about answering the quizzes and how often does he work on them?

Ollie works on two subjects of his choice every day and one that I set him, as he conveniently forgets about maths and English, the two subjects he least enjoys.

He loves the fact that if he gets a question wrong it will reveal the correct answer for him to learn. He will then go over the same topic a few days later.

How does the format of the quizzes on Education Quizzes help Ollie to overcome his autism and ADHD and concentrate on tackling the questions?

Ollie loves anything that involves not having to write as he really doesn’t enjoy writing. He has a lot of sensory issues and struggles with all aspects of carrying out written work.

Why do you think this form of learning is helpful to autistic children and young people. 

I think it helps them because, without realising, they are actually learning.

A lot of teenagers, nowadays, like using electronic devices so it’s great they are able to use EQ.

If they are anything like my son then they won’t look at it as actual work but more like a game.

How do you mix Ollie’s work on Education Quizzes with his other studies during home-schooling?

We tend to do topics of interest for Ollie. He will think of something he likes and would like to learn more about. Then we have a look to see if any of the quizzes are related to that. For example, he has recently done one on London.

We also choose subjects and quizzes of interest to him. He will also do English and maths quizzes, even though he’s not keen on them because they are his two least favourite topics.

Which subjects does Ollie enjoy answering questions about most and which subject does he get the most correct answers in?

World War I quizzes

EQ has plenty of free quizzes all about World War I

Ollie loves science quizzes and history, especially the world wars.

He also enjoys spellings and, even though he isn’t keen on maths, he is fantastic at his times tables and does these every day.

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This blog was kindly written by guest author, Nick Rennie.

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