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Specialist Quizzes for Parents

As a parent you have many choices to make about your child's education and we know just how complicated this appears, especially to first time parents. To help you chart a course through this confusing world we have produced a guide called "The Enthusiastic Parents Guide to Education". The guide has been written in a down-to-earth way by an acknowledged expert in the field. To receive your free copy please just fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will send it to you straight away.

The raison d’etre of our website is to help children revise effectively so they have the best possible chance of success in school tests and exams.  At the same time we believe they deserve a little fun!

The quizzes in this section are meant to offer some light relief during revision sessions and at the same time help ensure a rounded education. 

Why Use Quizzes?

Multiple choice quizzes are our chosen tool because we believe they are the best way to retain the interest of children during a revision session. By keeping children interested we keep them focussed and by keeping them focussed we ensure they learn quickly and efficiently.


Education Quizzes provide comprehensive cover of more subjects than any other website. The all-important maths, English and science subjects have up to 100 quizzes in each curriculum – more than enough to ensure thorough understanding of the topic.

Parental Involvement

There can be no better investment in your children’s future than helping them with their education. Our site provides an easy way for parents to understand the scope of the curriculums. At the same time it provides a technique for parents to enjoyably engage with their children on their learning journey.

Monitoring Progress

It would be ideal to set aside time to play educational quizzes with your children every day but we know this is not always possible. When you are not with them, our system automatically keeps track of every quiz your children play, date played and scores achieved so you constantly have a record of their progress.

Homework and Home Schooling

Schools are able to tap into our quiz system by buying bulk subscriptions on behalf of their students so you might find your children being asked to use our site for their homework.

Parents who undertake home schooling usually regard Education Quizzes as an essential part of their teaching armoury.

Next Step

All the benefits of the site can be yours for a monthly subscription of £9.95 and don’t forget you can cancel at any time. Unlike most educational sites we have no minimum subscription period.

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