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Brexit Consequences

The Bottom Line – Everything will Cost More

Brexit Consequences - Schoolchild Survey - Graph from Education Quizzes

This week our survey asked over 600 school children for their views on the most significant Brexit consequences. The main prediction is that everything will cost more. The other results in the graph speak for themselves.

We’ll take a serious view of Brexit in an upcoming survey and try to find out whether children want to stay in or get out of Europe (as if we didn’t know already!) but in the meantime…

Our guess is that you are already bored to tears with listening to parents and other adults constantly talking about Brexit so we are going to try and lighten-up the subject a little with some insightful and funny quotes.

Let’s start with the father who said "Do you mind if I put the news on?" and his daughter replied “Yes, Yes I do. In fact let’s never put it on ever again.”


Understanding Brexit

If you are finding it difficult to keep-up with all the political ramifications of Brexit then don’t despair. Here’s what Stephen Hawking, one of our country’s greatest thinkers, had to say.

"I deal with tough mathematical questions every day, but please don’t ask me to help with Brexit!"

Another wise philosopher commented:

"Einstein said ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’ but then again, Einstein never lived through a Brexit."

The word Brexit was invented as a shortcut for saying Britain Exiting (Europe). Tiff Stephenson didn’t like the name and commented:

"Brexit is a terrible name for it, sounds like cereal you eat when you are constipated."

In a bookshop window there is a sign saying:

"Please note: The post-apocalyptical fiction section has been moved to Current Affairs."

For 50 of the funniest jokes about Brexit try iNews.

If you have a passion for politics then you are in good company with Graeme, one of our managers here at Education Quizzes. Graeme is an avid follower of all the twists and turns of Brexit and he has written a series of Brexit Quizzes especially for people like you!

England versus The Rest

Both Northern Ireland and Scotland voted remain in the 2016 referendum which prompted this joke:

"An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walk into a bar. The Englishman wanted to go so they all had to leave."

"A Swedish woman was asked what you call an intelligent guy in England and she replied ‘A tourist’."

A more reflective view of Brexit is this:

"Brexit is actually a step back in the sense that you are going back from being connected to being on your own."

Young versus Old

There is no doubt that most youngsters wanted to stay in Europe and many feel that the older generation unfairly voted to come out. Here is a flavour of their thoughts:

"Brexit was like the pensioners got drunk and accidentally unfriended Europe on Facebook."

"I know it's not very politically correct to say it out loud but in the wasteland of ruined Britain I am going to hunt and eat old people."

The Boris Johnson Effect

In the present climate you might love or hate our prime minister as he endeavours to find a way through the Brexit confusion but whichever it is you have to admire his charisma. Who else in British politics could have constructed these gems:

"My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive."

"My friends, as I have discovered myself, there are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters."

"The truth is that when people come to see their MP they have run out of better ideas."

Grateful thanks to Google for reminding us of the Boris quotes.


Survey Statistics

Here are the statistics of the survey when we asked 602 children what they predicted would be the consequences of Brexit.

Prediction Percentage
Out of Eurovision Song Contest 10.36
Banned from European Fotball 10.76
No need for language lessons 10.92
No more holidays in Europe 13.71
Europeans won't like us 16.18
Everything will cost more 38.09

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