Parents of School Children

Helping Your Children Succeed at School

As a caring parent you no doubt want to help your children succeed with their studies and we are here to assist you. Our quizzes provide a way to entertain children whilst ensuring they constantly learn.

You will find that it is much easier to persuade students to play quizzes than it is to persuade them to trawl through books. By retaining their interest we keep them absorbed in the subject and by keeping them absorbed they learn more quickly and more efficiently.

Syllabus and Curriculums

The Indian government have developed a system of study that enables a child’s education to be built step by step and our quizzes follow the same path. You will frequently hear the terms CBSE, ICSE and NCERT and our quiz writers rigorously follow these structures so that we constantly reinforce the child’s school learning.

Parental Involvement

Spending time with your children helping them with these quizzes is a wonderful investment in the children’s future. At the same time you as a parent will quickly learn the scope of the subjects they ought to know at each stage of their development at school.

If you are schooling your children at home then Education Quizzes will probably be the most valuable free resource that you have available to you.

Please Tell Others

We hope you will like our site and find it as valuable as do parents in the UK and the USA. We also hope that you will tell your friends and family about us so that they too can benefit.

Teachers are able to subscribe classes and get written reports about the quiz playing record of all their students and because of this there are many thousands of teachers who value the website. Please be kind enough to bring us to the attention of the schools that your children attend in case they do not know about us already. We thank you sincerely.

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