Middle School Students

So, What's the Big Deal?

If you've just started 6th grade, are you wondering why everyone is making so much fuss? Are you confused by all the talk about homework and Prep Tests? Do your parents and teachers keep reminding you how important it is that you work hard, so that you can get into a good university and have a great career when you're done there? But you're only in 6th grade! Plenty of time, right? Time for some quizzes!

Or perhaps you're in 7th grade? You love your school, you did great in 6th grade. Your only problem is that it's getting a bit harder to remember all the stuff you learned last year, keep up with this year's program and have fun with your friends. But you're a good student. You'll do the extra work in time for exams. Won't you? Our quizzes make great exam prep!

You've made it through 7th and now you're in 8th grade? You can't wait to get into High School. Maybe you already know what you want to do when you leave school. However confident you are, a regular round of quizzes will help you pinpoint the gaps in your knowledge, sharpen your memory and polish up your test-taking skills. Quizzes boost brain power!

Middle School Matters!

The rumors are true. Your parents and teachers aren't kidding. Middle School matters! Make the right choices now and you'll double the number of choices you have when you finally get out of school! The quizzes on this website will help you to progress through school and ensure that you give yourself the best chances for success, regardless of what you want to do when you leave. Give yourself a head start on that success by taking a look at the quizzes on offer and giving a few of them a trial run!

How Things Work

Nothing could be easier than navigating our website. Simply click on your grade level and the subject you want to review, then choose your quiz by selecting a topic from the sub-headings listed below each subject. Each quiz includes an introduction (which you should read and understand before proceeding!) followed by 10 questions, each with a choice of 4 possible answers. Don't rush your responses. Remember, really 'knowing' your subject sometimes means making thoughtful choices between similar answers. Don't worry if your first quiz scores aren't as high as you'd like them to be. Be sure to read the comments after the answer you selected. You'll find that your scores will improve as you begin to remember why the answer you chose was right or wrong. We learn by our mistakes!

Are You Ready?

Ready to make your life easier? To save time on your homework and exam prep? Are you ready to surprise and motivate yourself by finding out that you're a whole lot smarter than you thought you were? A subscription to this website will allow you to keep track of your 'smarts' and make sure that they're still there at exam time! Sweet-talk your parents, or use a few dollars of your own allowance. The sooner you get into the quizzing habit, the sooner you'll start seeing results!

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