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Children, Parents and Teachers, welcome to the wonderful home of Education Quizzes. We are aware that parents want to be the best parents and teachers want to be the best teachers. Children in schools are not far behind. They want to be the best students and want to top the class or stand first in class. They want to get more marks in their exams or better grades or higher ranks. We are here to help all of you achieve your desires with our quizzes that blend modern technology without sacrificing traditional teaching and learning methods.

All your dreams can come true now that Education Quizzes is available in India. After achieving resounding success in the UK and the USA we are now able to provide quizzes to suit the Indian curriculum. We have carefully looked at the syllabus for the CBSE/ICSE courses and studied the NCERT text books and contracted the best teachers to design the quizzes that are bound to enhance the learning process.

Our quizzes are designed to supplement the classroom experience, teacher interaction, homework and parental intervention. Now we have brought you a learning process to fall back on and revise subjects in a manner that children will enjoy. Our experience has been that children look at our quizzes as fun games and not homework. Once they have tried our quizzes, they keep coming back to play them and enhance their learning. Our quizzes are written in such a way that the curiosity of the child is heightened and there is a desire to learn more and master whatever knowledge there is to be mastered. Our quizzes are some sort of a ready reckoner, or a guide, or a workbook, or a course material, or a fun revision exercise, or even simply a ‘reader.’

Our quiz format is the ten-question type with four-answer options. Each quiz will start with an introduction that will delve briefly on the topic to be covered followed by 10 questions. Each question will have 4 choices as answers. Once the answer is submitted, a correct notation is flagged and a helpful comment given. The helpful comment will reinforce the child’s understanding of the topic. If the answer is wrong, a wrong notation is flagged and the correct answer displayed with the corresponding helpful comment. Our quizzes work as a guide or as a test to benchmark the learning process periodically.

Each of our quizzes can be completed in less than two minutes and score displayed instantaneously. Our quizzes can be revisited any number of times to ensure the player can get all the answers right. This process helps to reinforce learning. We guarantee that the quiz will help everyone – teachers, parents and of course, children.

What is more, our quiz format permits the use of projectors in classrooms or on TV screens at home. The teacher would be able to give a quick test to the class in an interactive session, maybe between periods. Parents and children can play the quizzes at home on their TVs and enjoy learning together. Children can test their skills against their sisters, brothers, friends or the numerous aunts, uncles and cousins - just about anyone!

What's more, subscription costs only £1.00 per month! This gives you access to ALL the quizzes on our site, including the British and American curriculums.

In addition to our educational quizzes, we also have 150 quizzes on English as a Second Language (ESL). These are split into 50 Easy, 50 Medium and 50 Difficult. And if that wasn't enough, we have numerous quizzes in our Cup of Tea section, from religions of the world to art to classical music to nature. There is something for everyone!

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