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The Indian Government has painstakingly put together a syllabus and a curriculum that would ensure a child’s growth in the schools. A child enters the school at age 5 or 6 and for the next ten years gets an all-round education that prepares the child for higher studies.

While the stint at school is the basic foundation for the child spearheaded by the teachers, parents play an important role in the development of the child. Along with teachers and parents, the child is exposed to the magic of technology. With the advent of TV and the Internet, the child is bombarded with stimuli that are almost impossible to ignore. Who will stop a child from watching Animal Planet or Discovery channels? However, in an ever-changing world, technology has changed the way children are taught and the child is exposed to technology at a very early age and the child is confronted with technology everywhere – at home, on the bus, at school and in the playgrounds.

It is here that Education Quizzes has understood the power of technology and has introduced quizzing as a powerful tool to aid the child’s efforts to learn. While recognising the need for staying within the boundaries of traditional teaching methods, our quizzes are designed to supplement the efforts of the school, teacher, parents and technology. By taking our quizzes the child’s learning is reinforced and the child begins to assimilate the concepts better. Our quizzes are perfectly in tune with the syllabus and curricula and are organised to ensure that the child is amidst familiar surroundings. The format of the quizzes is such that it provides strong motivation for the child to revisit multiple times. It is natural that the child’s foundation becomes stronger after regularly playing our quizzes.

Our quizzes on English are tailor-made to enhance the child’s understanding of grammar and quickly grasp the nuances of grammar. It improves vocabulary, hones study skills, and improves writing and comprehension.

Our quizzes on maths and science implant the concepts learnt at school better and the child is able to grasp the concepts more easily. The quizzes ensure that the concepts learnt at school are reinforced. Though one cannot discount the importance of memory skills, our quizzes improve reasoning skills and the child is able to approach learning on the basis of first principles and not just memory.

Our Primary School quizzes are suitable for Class 4 students under CBSE/ICSE curricula. If the student has been exposed to the syllabus in the first four years then the quizzes will test the learning and serve as fantastic revision exercises. Any misconceptions will be ironed out and the child will be much more enlightened. We recommend that the parents and teachers too take the quizzes so as to familiarise themselves with the format and help the child to get more out of the quizzes.

We believe that in the first ten years of schooling a child passes three important stages of learning – once at the Class 4 stage (end of Primary School), once at the Class 7 stage (end of Middle School) and once at the Class 10 stage (end of High School). So, we have devised our quizzes to coincide with these stages and we are introducing the Primary School Quizzes made for Class 4 students under the CBSE/ICSE school curricula.

We do hope that you will take advantage of the quizzes we have so lovingly designed for your child’s learning by taking time to play a few of them and exposing your children to the wonderful world of educational quizzing.

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