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Boost Your Tutoring with Exclusive Benefits in India

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Being a tutor is not just about imparting knowledge, it's about carving a distinct niche in a bustling educational landscape. And in India, where tutoring is not just a profession but a commitment, you need that extra edge. Recognizing the intricacies of the Indian educational framework and its dedicated tutors, we've curated an offer tailor-made for your unique needs.

For a mere $50.00 a year, here's how you can stand out and ensure your students reap unparalleled advantages:

Immediate Premium Access for 20 Students: Through your tutor-exclusive subscription, empower 20 of your students with comprehensive access to our extensive revision platform, without any additional charges.

Wide-Ranging Curriculum Support: Whatever the subject you're adept in, we're with you. Our platform houses quizzes and resources tailored for specific subjects. What's more, we've meticulously mapped resources to cater to the diverse syllabi prevalent in India, ensuring your students are always a step ahead.

A Stellar Proposition for You: Inform potential students that associating with you means they gain complimentary access to our vast array of educational quizzes – a value proposition worth $50.00, entirely at no cost for them. In an arena where every distinction counts, this is your ace in the hole to surge ahead."

Most teachers believe that Active Recall is a much better revision tool than Passive Recall and our quizzes use Active Recall in the most effective way possible. Click this link to learn more about it.


Revision Timetable

You will find that our quizzes will almost certainly cater for all the subjects you teach. Why not create a list of quizzes for your students that they can use as a fast and efficient revision timetable?


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