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Perfect Practice

Dalmatian Scoring

21st October 2019

Would you like to see your username on our Dalmatian scoreboard? The list shows the top ten players since 1st October 2019 who have got perfect scores of 10 out of 10 in our quizzes.

Every day it will be updated until the end of the month when it will start again on 1st November and so on.

Little to report over the weekend – the top 4 remain on the same points. Now is your chance to get your name higher up the scoreboard.

To find out your score, go to View Reports at the top right of any page. Under ‘report period’ enter the date 01/10/2019 and hit submit.

There’s still plenty of time to see your name on the Dalmatian scoreboard. Remember, if you don’t get a perfect 10, it won’t count.

The Big Day

The large room smelled of polish and wood. Each desk was positioned the same distance apart – close, but not close enough to cheat.

On the desks were blank white sheets of paper. At least, they looked blank. There were also pencils and erasers.

Everyone had to leave their bags and phones in another room. Some of the others showed signs of nervousness. Straight faces and twitchy fingers.

This exam was important. It was the last one. If he passed, it meant he could go to a better school next year.

What was he thinking – if he passed? Of course he would do well. For the last few months, he’d been revising with Education Quizzes. Their quizzes used the proven technique of Active Recall and were perfect for giving him confidence.

He calmly sat at his desk, waiting for the signal to start so he could turn over the paper and begin.

What Is Active Recall?

Every time you play one of our quizzes, you’ll remember things you’ve already learned - it’s called Active Recall.

The best way of explaining it is with an example:

Imagine you meet someone for the first time. You’re told their name, but then you don’t see them again for a year. When you do see them, it’s not very likely you’ll remember their name.

Now imagine you meet somebody else, only this time you speak to them a few times over the next year. This time it’s almost certain you WILL remember their name. Every time you speak to them, your brain uses Active Recall to recall their name. The more often you remember their name, the better it sticks in your mind – until you know it without a thought.

Active Recall forces the brain to remember, instead of just asking it to. Playing a quiz is a prime example of Active Recall.

As far as education is concerned, Active Recall is probably the best way to learn. Information becomes easy to remember when you need it - in the exam room, for example. With more and more pressure on students to do well in exams, Active Recall is the best way to practice.

Education Quizzes isn’t the only way to learn and review, but it’s probably the best. Our quizzes are ready-made for all the tests and exams you will face at school.

UK and USA Quizzes

Subscribing to Education Quizzes does not only give you access to the Indian site. Your entire family can explore and take advantage of the thousands of quizzes that teachers have written on our English and American sites too.

To take advantage of ALL of the content that Education Quizzes has to offer, use the flag in the top right hand corner of the site to swap between countries.

Games For You

Did you know we have 6 games at Education Quizzes? A spelling game, four number games – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and a numeracy game. These are quick-fire games to see how good you are at English and math. With weekly leaderboards at each age level, you’ll be competing against other children all over the world. Can you get to the number one spot and stay there?

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