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This Christmas, wouldn’t it be a good idea to give all the children in your family a valuable gift they can enjoy for the entire year? A single annual subscription to Education Quizzes for $50 allows you to create up to 30 'child' accounts so that each of them can use the site for the entire year. You could include brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and even their friends.

Education Quizzes provides students with home-based support for their schoolwork when using phones, tablets, desktops and laptop computers.

The online quizzes are written by teachers to help children remember and revise what they are learning in class.

The Best Way To Practice For Exams

Quizzes are the fun way to learn the subjects you are being taught at school! Now, for the first time, you have a whole collection of subjects (including English, Math and Science), for all the grades (1 to 12) and for all ages (5 to 18).

Every time students play one of our quizzes, they’ll remember things they’ve already learned - it’s called Active Recall.

What Is Active Recall?

The best way of explaining it is with an example:

Imagine you meet someone for the first time. You’re told their name, but then you don’t see them again for a year. When you do see them, it’s not very likely you’ll remember their name.

Now imagine you meet somebody else, only this time you speak to them a few times over the next year. This time it’s almost certain you WILL remember their name. Every time you speak to them, your brain uses Active Recall to recall their name. The more often you remember their name, the better it sticks in your mind – until you know it without a thought.

As far as education is concerned, Active Recall is probably the best way to learn. Information becomes easy to remember when you need it - in the exam room, for example. With more and more pressure on students to do well in exams, Active Recall is the best way to practice.

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Textbooks or Quizzes?

We seldom find anyone who would rather study a textbook in preference to playing a quiz. Learning doesn’t have to be boring; the more enjoyable it is, the more time you will want to spend doing it and the more you will learn.

Bite-Sized Portions

Textbooks are great… well no, they’re not actually! All too often you find long, long sections of text that have difficult-to-understand ideas all jumbled together. Does that happen with quizzes? Not in a month of Sundays. Each of our quizzes has a descriptive title that tells you what it is about and each question then teaches you something. Learning one small snippet after another builds into a powerful knowledge of the subject.

Who Writes the Quizzes?

Teachers, teachers and yet more teachers. They know how children learn, they know the difficult areas, they know the subjects inside out and, most importantly, they know what the syllabuses require at each individual level.

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Learning in the Computer Age

Books are “dormant” whilst computers are interactive. People sometimes get mad with you whilst computers, tablets and phones never do - however many times you make the same mistake! Schools are open for a few hours each day whilst this website will be there for you whenever you want it – 24/7. Love your devices, love learning, love Education Quizzes!

Kids, that’s all the fun stuff – now to address the things that moms and dads need to know about….

For Moms and Dads

Playing a few quizzes every day provides children with work to do at home that is both efficient and enjoyable. When you were at school, did you learn better when you were enjoying the subjects or hating them! Aha, we thought so!

Teachers agree that attention span is a major stumbling block when it comes to effective learning by children of all ages. Long drawn-out sessions over textbooks are to be avoided at all costs. Modern technology enables students to constantly interact with school topics and quizzes ensure that interest is maintained for longer periods. It often comes down to a straight-forward choice between books and technology. Why not ask the kids which they prefer?

All our quizzes are written by teachers who thoroughly understand the requirements at each of the school stages with particular emphasis given to areas that the teachers know will cause the greatest difficulty. In both English Language Arts and Math, the quizzes have been written especially to comply with the new Common Core Standards. In science (where states do not share a common curriculum) the content covers the subjects that are most frequently taught.

When end of term evaluations are looming and tempers are getting a little shorter, you will be pleased to have Education Quizzes on your side for those all-important test prep reviews.

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K-12, CCS and ELA

Education regimes are notoriously difficult to understand, all the more so because our education system in the USA is constantly in a state of flux. Acronyms serve only to confuse things even more - so here are definitions for the three most common ones.

K-12 This signifies the whole of the primary and secondary school education in the USA. “K” is short for “Kindergarten” and “12” is short for “Grade 12”.

CCS If you are an environmentalist you will know that CCS stands for “Carbon, Capture and Storage”. However, when reading about CCS in education you must forget about that and remember that CCS stands for “Common Core state Standards”.

In 2008 many states agreed to work towards a system to modernize the K-12* curriculums and share standards. The new system came to fruition in 2014 when 45 of the 50 states signed up to what is now known as either the Common Core Standards (CCS) or the Common Core Curriculum. The 5 states who elected not to join at this stage were Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska and Indiana.

The system defines fairly precisely what students should know at the end of each grade in the subjects of English Language Arts and Math. It is the aim of our website to provide homework that helps children achieve these objectives as painlessly as possible. Further reading can be found at Common Core State Standards Initiative.

ELA In England the study of the English language is known simply as “English” but in the USA it is often referred to as English Language Arts – ELA. Another interesting quirk is that in England the study of mathematics is usually known as “Maths” but in the USA it’s “Math” (singular!).

School Levels, Categories and Ages

Sometimes different authorities and different states have overlaps between levels and categories but here is the most popular classifications and the ones we have used throughout the Education Quizzes website:

Category Level Age Range
Elementary School1st Grade6-7
Elementary School2nd Grade7-8
Elementary School3rd Grade8-9
Elementary School4th Grade9-10
Elementary School5th Grade10-11
Middle School6th Grade11-12
Middle School7th Grade12-13
Middle School8th Grade13-14
High School9th Grade14-15
High School10th Grade15-16
Senior High School11th Grade16-17
Senior High School12th Grade17-18

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