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Beginning ESL

Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Our English as a Second Language quizzes are designed to help students who can already read, write and speak some English, but want to be more fluent. Want to know if our quizzes are for you? Simply click on the ESL Easy link and check out some of our quizzes. If you can understand the short introductions at the top of the quizzes - great news! You’re ready.

If you can’t quite understand the introductions to the ESL Easy quizzes, don't worry - we have another plan! Click the KS1 link and work your way through the KS1 English quizzes and the KS1 Spelling quizzes. After that, come back and have another go.

Getting Started

Our English as a Second Language quizzes have been written by a professional teacher to help you understand, speak and write better English. We think you’ll find our quizzes to be one of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to learn.

"The whole website is worded in clear, non-confusing language making it easy to use for every learner" - Karen, Parent Reviewer

If you are eager to start playing quizzes right away - hooray! We like you already. Just click on the ESL Easy link and you will be shown a list of 50 easy quizzes to get you started. There are also 50 medium and 50 difficult quizzes available - so there is plenty to keep you occupied!

Explained: ESL, ESOL and EFL and More

Students are often confused about the acronyms (words formed from the initial letters of other words) used in this subject, so we thought we’d give you a brief summary (we’re so good to you).

ESL (the acronym we use) is short for English as a Second Language. Here are some others:

  • ESOL is short for English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • EFL is short for English as a Foreign Language

You might see courses advertised using any of the above - they all mean almost the same thing. The courses will all assume that your first language is something other than English, and that your aim is to improve your English. Consider this your first lesson – there are often many different ways to say the same thing! Oh English, why must you be so complicated?

The Advantages of Playing Quizzes

Learning English can be very rewarding, but it isn't an easy language to master. Not only are students expected to know the pronunciation of words, they also need to learn grammar, vocabulary, the differences between spoken and written English, and the various exceptions that crop up regularly. Phew. Scared yet? Don’t be! We believe that playing interactive quizzes makes learning the language a lot more interesting than just reading books.

Instant Feedback

Every time you give an answer, you will be told which answer is correct. More importantly, there are helpful comments that accompany every question that will explain the reasoning. Our expert teacher has been teaching English for many years, so he knows what problems you are likely to experience. He’s very smart, you’re in safe hands!

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