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Exam Preparation that is Less Painful!

We know that exam preparation at high school is not always a barrel load of fun but at least these quizzes will make it as painless as possible. Studying in Grades 9 and 10 may not be as bad as you thought…

How we can Help

When the chips are down and you need to learn and review quickly, here are the reasons that quizzes are so helpful:

  1. Interactive quizzes are more enjoyable than text books so you will find that you are happy to study for longer periods
  2. The quizzes break-up the school subjects into bite-sized portions so you will learn without confusion
  3. The teachers who write the quizzes understand the problem areas and provide comments after each question to help you remember the key points
  4. In the age of computers, iphones and ipads, the quizzes are the easiest, quickest and most fun way for you to learn a subject.

Understanding the Problems

Anyone who has ever studied for academic tests and exams, knows there sometimes comes a point where the sheer volume of information you need to process can become a confusing mass of facts and figures that threaten to escape you well before the day of the test. The stress of pending examinations can be both discouraging and frightening, even for students who, under normal circumstances, are confident that they 'know' the subject well. If you are looking for the best way to help deal with the pressure of reviewing coursework and preparing for up-coming examinations - you've come to the right place!

Why Choose Quizzes?

To say that, “everybody loves a good quiz”, may be an overstatement, but there can be little doubt that, given the choice, most students would opt for a 'quiz' over a 'test', any day of the week! Here you will find a selection of quizzes that are designed to please quiz-lovers and test-haters, alike. All the quizzes are written by teachers who appreciate your difficulties and aim to ensure you assimilate all the key facts as quickly as possible.

You can rest assured that each short quiz you complete is reinforcing the skills and habits that have been proven to be linked to academic success. Research has shown that quizzes taken after learning can aid long term memory, encourage the brain to better organize facts, reduce forgetfulness, improve confidence and boost motivation for further study. What more could you wish for? How about the ability to keep track of which quizzes have been completed and what scores achieved? Our website provides both. We've also made all our quizzes printable, for those of you who may not have constant access to a computer or simply prefer to see things in print.

We record the dates you take the quizzes, as well as the scores you achieve each time, making it easy for you to keep track of your progress and to share the signs of improvement with parents and teachers. Each section has at least one ‘free to play’ quiz so you can try before you buy. In addition if you do sign up and are not entirely satisfied, you can cancel at any time, even during the first month.

Only $12.50 Per Month

Subscription costs just $12.50 per month and provides access to all quizzes in all subjects at all grades and you are free to cancel at any stage. You can subscribe on our subscription page.

Have fun!

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