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Is The EQ Spanish Course Right For You?

Education-Quizzes-Mexico-Map We guess you want to study Spanish and learn how to speak it correctly – the problem is that you don’t know which course to choose and whether this is the right course. You could go to evening classes, do a distance learning course, buy CDs or even go on a crash course at a language laboratory. Alternatively there are any number of online language sites to choose from.

To help you decide whether the Education Quizzes course is the right choice for you, we suggest you ponder the questions below:

Do You Want to Learn Spanish or Just Review It?

If you already have a basic understanding of Spanish, or if you are learning it at school, then the chances are that our Review Quizzes (Easy, Medium and Difficult) will be the sections you need to concentrate on. The quizzes have all been written and are awaiting proof-reading. They will gradually be introduced to the site and there will be 450 available by February 2017.

If you are learning Spanish as a beginner then our Learning Lessons are where you need to be. There will be a total of 1,000 lessons (10 Levels) that will take you from raw beginner to advanced and the full suite will be introduced to the site between February 2017 and December 2018.

Do You Enjoy Learning at a Set Pace?

If you choose to study in a class environment then the pace of learning will be dictated by the rest of the people in the class. All too often in a Spanish “Beginners class” there will be people who already have a good knowledge of the subject (they are really there for a refresher course!) and it is all too easy to feel left behind. Alternatively, there are often people in the class who are not prepared to put in the same amount of work as you and in this case you will feel held back.

With our Spanish course you always go at the pace you find comfortable – slowly if you have little time to spend on it and very quickly if you are in a hurry to learn.

Have You a Methodical Mind?

Spanish teaching in classes often relies on what is known as “Language Immersion”. In essence this involves the teacher always talking in the foreign language with the result that only parts of the instruction are understood by the students – at least in the early stages. Some people enjoy being thrown in at the deep end in this manner but others find it frustrating because there is so much they don’t understand.

Learning to speak Spanish with Education Quizzes is exactly the reverse of this… we adopt a baby-step approach so that you are carefully guided along a path that becomes increasingly more complex BUT everything is comprehensively explained.

Is your Time Valuable To You?

It may be that you are fortunate enough to have time on your hands. If so, then you won’t mind spending time thumbing through books and their indexes in order to find information that fills in the gaps in your knowledge each time you come across something that you don’t understand. Likewise you possibly won’t mind skipping backwards and forwards through CDs to drill down to the exact Spanish phrase you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you are keen to make the best possible use of your time then our course is designed for efficiency. Our unique search facility uses the latest technology to help you find exactly what you want in the shortest possible time.

Do you Want to Read, Write, Speak or Understand Spanish?

The truth is that to really come to grips with a language you need to do all these things. Books help you Read and Write whilst CDs help you Speak and Understand.

To master the language you need a COMPLETE course and that is exactly what we offer. You have ample opportunity to practice all the necessary language disciplines.

Do you Require some Extra Motivation?

Learning a language is time consuming and every successful linguist will tell you that you have to be prepared for some hard work. There will be days when your progress is not as swift as you would like and you need some extra motivation. At times like those you will be pleased that you chose Education Quizzes because you can look back on the record of progress that the course automatically keeps for you. The date you played every quiz will have been recorded along with the score you achieved. We all need that little extra push sometimes!

Do you have Limitless Money?

Most complete language courses cost between a few hundred dollars and thousands of dollars and you normally have to part with the entire fee from the onset. With Education Quizzes Spanish you pay just $12.50 per month and you can cancel at any time – even after just one month! How many other courses can you trial for $12.50?

A further benefit of subscribing to Education Quizzes is that you get access to the entire site, not just the language section. Whilst you are learning Spanish, the children in your family can profit by using the most comprehensive set of teacher-written quizzes on the Internet, including ones specifically aimed at curriculums taught in schools.

Why not give us a try? You only have $12.50 at stake and you can subscribe here

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