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We have the UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of interactive quizzes for the National Curriculum - KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE.

Every quiz is designed for students and created by teachers.

Education Quizzes is the perfect companion to BBC Bitesize. Learn and study at Bitesize, then test your memory in our fast revision quizzes.

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Over 3,000 quizzes (that’s more than 30,000 questions!) covering almost all the National Curriculum.

Why Play Quizzes?

Our quizzes are fun to play online but they can also be printed out for offline use. This enjoyable way to revise is based on a scientifically proven method of learning (called Active Recall) which embeds knowledge in the long-term memory more effectively than passive learning.


“Students benefit greatly from being able to take online practice quizzes. These quizzes focus on the critical lower-level thinking learning for the students. The students can practise these activities on online quizzes, therefore, freeing up class time for higher-level thinking activities.”

Harry G. Tuttle writing in Education with Technology

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Why Use Education Quizzes?

Since 2012 we’ve helped tens of thousands of students learn more, revise better and pass tests and exams with flying colours. That’s why we’re loved by students, parents, tutors, and schools.

“I would like to say thank you for providing such a fantastic website. Myself and my partner are both Maths teachers and use it on a daily basis with hundreds of our students.”


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As a member of our community you get all the following:

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With a money-back guarantee and the option to cancel your membership at any time, it’s no surprise we are the No.1 choice for fun interactive learning that delivers results.


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