Active Recall Practice for the Whole School

Teachers probably don’t need reminding that Active Recall is one of the best practices to consolidate classroom learning. Suffice to say that the easiest way to employ Active Recall on a regular basis is with Education Quizzes.

Active Recall is the online equivalent of flash cards and much, much easier to keep organised. Read more about Active Recall.

Subscription Costs

A school subscription allows every student at your school to log in to the site and benefit from this proven technique whenever they want, wherever they happen to be and with whatever device they use to connect to the internet.

With only one login for the entire school, you won’t need to remember dozens of usernames or passwords. The quizzes are perfect for practise, learning and revision.

Our first year special offer is £99 + VAT for primary schools and £199 + VAT for secondary schools. From the second year onwards, it will cost £390 + VAT for primary schools and £590 + VAT for secondary schools.

Self-Marking Homework

Not only do your pupils benefit, every teacher can set over 3,000 teacher-written quizzes as revision exercises, both in class and for self-marking homework. Yes – homework that marks itself, saving you time at the end of your day. To use this additional functionality, each teacher will need to register separately (it’s totally free) at our Teachers Homework page.

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