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Active Recall for the Whole School

Teachers probably don’t need reminding that Active Recall is one of the best ways to consolidate classroom learning. Suffice to say that the easiest way to employ Active Recall on a regular basis is with Education Quizzes.

A school subscription allows every student at your school to log in to the site and benefit from this proven technique whenever they want, wherever they happen to be and with whatever device they use to connect to the Internet.

Active Recall is the online equivalent of flash cards and much, much easier to keep organised. Read more about Active Recall.

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Write Your Own Quizzes

If you feel any subjects on the site would benefit from more quizzes, and you’d like to write them yourself, we are offering a free year’s subscription to any teacher who writes 10 or more quizzes. This subscription is for your whole school – all teachers and pupils alike.

Before you decide, please take a little time to read Writing Your Own Quizzes as quiz-writing is not as easy as it sounds!

If you’ve read the above link and are still interested, please contact Sarah for further details.

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