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What if you could be so prepared for tests and exams that you didn’t have to worry?

What if you discovered a fun way to learn that made revising into a simple game where you could get better and better every time you play?

And what if you found a place where you could look for help with your homework questions on many different subjects all in one place?

Welcome to Education Quizzes – where you can get a head start on exams.

Want to have fun while you learn?

If you think that school could be more exciting, then you’ve come to the right place.

Education Quizzes has helped thousands of students like you sail through school – without having to deal with a single blackboard or watch the second-hand tick on a clock.

How do we do it? Well, have you ever wanted to work at your own pace – and finish up when you complete your work?

Now you can with our quizzes – we have an expert team of teachers who have worked hard to put the fun back into your learning.

And we are so confident that you will enjoy our tests - we are giving you the chance to try 3 for free in every section of the website!

Can We Guess Your Next Question…?

Does Education Quizzes help you achieve better results at school?
Yes – if you take the quizzes and do the work.
Who writes the quizzes?
Teachers with years of experience working with children like you.
Why are quizzes the best way to learn?
Why don’t you try one of the free ones and find out for yourself?
What age group is Education Quizzes for?
Whatever stage you are at in your education – from key stages through to GCSE – we have the right quizzes to help you succeed school.
Can I use Education Quizzes with my friends and family?
Of course. In fact - getting your friends or parents to help with the quizzes is one of the best ways for you to learn together and have even more fun!

Want to try a quiz?

In a quiet moment tell your parents all about Education Quizzes. Preferably when they are drinking a cup of tea and eating a biscuit.

Get them to take a quiz with you - there are 3 free ones in every section of the site. See if you know more than mum or dad about your chosen subject. Have fun together and see the power of this website to help you get the success in school you want.

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