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Like you, we run a small business and therefore we know that one of the most challenging and time-consuming jobs is finding new customers. We believe that we can help you enormously in this regard and along the way you will provide great benefits to every one of your students. The cost to you is £49.99 a year - the cost to your students is nothing. This is how it works…

Free Access to our Entire Site for All your Students

When you take out a tutor subscription with us you are enabled to create individual logins for up to 20 different students so they can use our entire site free-of-charge. The site contains quizzes for the subjects you teach as well as all the other National Curriculum subjects your students are being taught at school – GCSE, 11-Plus, KS1, KS2 and KS3.

You can (and we believe you should) tell parents that if they enrol their children with you then you will provide Education Quizzes to them FREE-OF-CHARGE. A subscription would ordinarily cost them £49.99 a year so it is a big incentive for parents to choose you as their tutor sooner than anyone else.

Most teachers believe that Active Recall is a much better revision tool than Passive Recall and our quizzes use Active Recall in the most effective way possible. Click this link to learn more about it.

11 Plus Tuition

Our 11 Plus quizzes cater for Maths, English, and Verbal Reasoning but the most used section of our entire site is 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning. Here you will find abundant practice questions for this key element of the exam.

GCSE Tuition

Who amongst us knows a teenager with enough time to revise properly during this crucial stage of their school life? Why not introduce them to fast revision using the quizzes suggested by you? Who knows, they may find that GCSE Revision is no longer a chore!


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