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For only £95 per year, all your students can access over 3,000 teacher-written quizzes, with no cost to them. Our quizzes are ideal for one-to-one tutoring, as revision exercises and for setting self-marking homework. Here we look at why and how quizzes might be useful to you.

Tutoring Techniques

We know there are an infinite variety of tutoring techniques and not every tutor embraces quizzes. Some tutors register with us but find that our online, multiple-choice format does not suit their purpose and they leave with no hard feelings on our part.

We don’t ask you to pay us anything unless and until you are satisfied that we can benefit you and your students. That’s why we offer a free trial month during which every student of yours (including you!) can use the entire site without paying a penny.

Please note that the tutor functionality is the same as our school functionality.

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What we Can and Can’t Do

We can’t provide you with a ‘revolutionary new way to teach’ – we’ve heard that too many times before and we know that such a thing simply doesn’t exist. We can’t hope to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of your students as well as you do and therefore we can’t tailor-make a teaching programme that is ideally suited to each of them. What we can do is add another weapon to your armoury to make tutoring a little more pleasurable and a lot more effective.

How do Quizzes Help?

Here are ten good reasons for employing quizzes as an aid in tutoring:

  1. Quizzes increase student participation Children LIKE doing quizzes
  2. Quizzes improve pupil performance Because they like quizzes, children want to do more, all the time learning
  3. Information becomes ingrained in memory when retrieved using quizzes
  4. Quizzes help students identify what they know and what don’t know Subsequent study is more effective
  5. Quizzes provide feedback to tutors on strengths and weaknesses
  6. Quizzes promote test expectancy Excellent preparation for exams
  7. Quizzes provide fast and efficient revision
  8. In a tutoring environment, quizzes provide a pleasant diversion that promotes discussion
  9. Used at home, quizzes can be played to consolidate learning
  10. They’re fun!

About Our Quizzes

Our 3,000+ quizzes are written by enthusiastic teachers who appreciate the obstacles that students face in each curriculum. Each quiz addresses a specific subject within a curriculum and contains ten questions, each of which has four multiple choice answers. As soon as an answer is clicked the student gets instant feedback on whether they were right or wrong; they are also given an ‘explanatory comment’ to help them remember.

Navigation around the site is quick and easy so that children don’t lose interest before they find what they want.

Go to our Preview Page and click the links to see the quizzes available in the subjects you teach.

Our Super-Complicated Setup Procedure

Here’s how it works:
1. You register with us
2. We send you a ‘Universal Login’
3. You give out the ‘Universal Login’ and all your students have instant access to the entire site

That’s it! All your students can then play the quizzes with you or at home and they can play them on their desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

We pride ourselves on making your life easier and better, not more complicated and worse.

Safety First

We never ask for any personal information from the children – not even their email addresses or passwords. The Education Quizzes site contains no advertising and no forums. Every sentence on every one of our thousands of pages has been vetted to ensure there is no danger of offence. The children will never, never, never be asked to pay anything to use the site.

Ideas for Using the Quizzes

Here are a few tried-and-tested uses for the quizzes…

Interesting Consolidation of Schoolwork

Ask your students to play selected quizzes at home to reinforce the work they are doing with you. Suggest that they play a few quizzes each week to refresh their memory of the subjects.

Effective Revision for Exams

Choose the quizzes your students need to play to quickly recap their learning in preparation for exams.

Incorporate Quizzes into your Schedules

All the quizzes can be printed for individual use or they can be played as an activity when they are learning with you.

Set Quizzes as Self-Marking Homework

You can select any of the quizzes to set as self-marking homework and you will have access to neat, online records of each individual’s progress. This provides invaluable insights into which students are struggling with a subject and which subjects are creating problems.

The Cost

The cost to a tutor is just £95 per year.

Remember that our tutor service provides access to the entire site for every student you tutor. Why not try us for a month completely free of charge and without obligation.

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