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Want an effective revision resource? A resource that is fun for your students and has been proven to help them learn?

Education Quizzes is that resource and provides over 3,000 interactive multiple-choice quizzes.

The quizzes utilise the scientifically-proven learning technique Active Recall. Active Recall is more effective at embedding information in the long-term memory than passive learning methods such as reading, watching and listening.

A single subscription allows tutors to enrol up to 20 children for a total cost of £9.99 a month or £49.99 for a year. That’s right, just ONE cost of £49.99 to include all TWENTY children for a whole year. Parents can't fail to be impressed when you tell them their children will have the whole of Education Quizzes free-of-charge when they use you as their tutor.

Children LOVE Quizzes

You can use Education Quizzes to support and reinforce the tuition you provide. Explanations are provided after every answer so you and your students will know which areas to focus on.

You can even see which quizzes your students have played and view their scores for each quiz.

If you use BBC Bitesize as one of your tools (which we believe is a great source of learning), you’ll be delighted to hear that most of our quizzes have a link to the relevant Bitesize page at the bottom of the quiz. Take a look at our Bitesize Revision with Education Quizzes page to find out how Education Quizzes fully complements Bitesize learning.

Your students can access and play the quizzes whenever they want and on any device, from a laptop computer to a tablet or mobile phone.

If you prefer, you can download the quizzes (and answer sheets) as PDFs and print them out, so you can work through them in your tuition sessions.

“The power of quizzing students extends far beyond simply measuring a learner’s knowledge state at a given moment in time. Quizzing, it turns out, provides a robust learning effect in and of itself.”

Henry L. Roediger and Andrew C. Butler (Memory researchers)

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Unlike other sites, Education Quizzes was created for the sole purpose of helping children revise. It has no advertising, no forums, no chat rooms, and no external links to games – just really useful quizzes that will help your students learn more, revise better, and pass tests and exams with flying colours.

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