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To be Read Only by Children – Parents Banned!

Children’s surveys are a rarity. The internet is awash with surveys and polls aimed at adults but children are seldom consulted, let alone listened to.

We don’t think it is sensible or fair that surveys be the exclusive territory of adults. Consequently we decided to give young people a voice by providing a way for you to convey your thoughts in absolute anonymity without any interference from adults!

The survey results provide you with an interesting way to discover the likes and dislikes of your peers. You can gain a more rounded view of the opinions and views of other children, not just your own friends and family.

Each survey invites children to answer a couple of simple questions. You will possibly see the questions when you first visit the website in any particular week – they appear as a non-intrusive pop-up that you can either interact with or ignore. If you choose to answer the questions then it will usually take only a couple of clicks and no more than half a minute of your time to provide the answers. If you choose to ignore the pop-up then you’ll not be troubled again until you visit us again the next week.

Our graphs and tables provide you with an introduction to statistics and market research. When you are an adult you’ll find that analysis and scrutiny of facts is all around you. Trust us, you’ll constantly be bombarded with surveys and polls so prepare yourselves!

The Bit for Parents, Teachers and Tutors

You will notice that every time we run a survey we request that the answerer provides their age. When the answer given is “over 18”, or no answer is given, we exclude the data from our analysis and charts to ensure that the results are not corrupted – after all, we are exclusively looking for the views and opinions of children.

The surveys give us an opportunity to find out what kids REALLY think. Without market research we cannot know what it is that the children want and how we can best help them.

You will see from the list below that the surveys are very wide ranging. What would you expect are favourite school subjects? Where do you think children would most like to go on holiday? Which foreign languages do you think children would most like to speak? The surveys provide the answers and you might be extremely surprised at some of the results.

At the foot of each results page we provide a table that shows the principal results of the survey but if you need further data for a specific research project then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Whenever you want to understand the children around you a little better we encourage you to delve into this statistical resource. Apart from anything else, it really is fun!

Technical Aspects of the Surveys

We use programming provided by the Hotjar company – it is what they refer to as Hotjar Polls. All the results are completely anonymous and we never have any personal details about the respondents.

The high volume of traffic to the Education Quizzes site means that we can obtain credible statistical accuracy very quickly. We typically get over 1,000 responses in a week so we seldom run a survey for longer than that.


In case you are wondering… The upkeep of this section is paid for by the people who subscribe to Education Quizzes. We provide fun and fast revision for school children and if you would like to join us we would be delighted to have you on board!

List of Children’s Surveys

How Much Do Children Like School?

1,674 responses

Nuclear Safety

1,393 responses

Number of Fillings

1,553 responses


1,605 responses


1,390 responses

Carrying Knives

1,935 responses

Should hunting be allowed?

2,891 responses

Monarchy or President?

1,036 responses

Vaping In Public

1,103 responses

Drugs in Scools

1,103 responses

Children’s Opinion on Voting Age

1,494 responses

What Do Children Use Their Mobiles For?

1,133 responses

How Much Pocket Money Do Children Get?

1,805 responses

How Often do Children Lie?

1,805 responses

Do Children Enjoy School?

3,448 responses

How Much Meat Do Children Eat?

4,311 responses

How Much Sleep Do Children Get?

2,401 responses

Belief in Evolution

2,372 responses

Feeding Wild Birds

5,031 responses

BBC Bitesize

2,339 responses

Favourite Type of Pet

5,039 responses

Favourite Dog Breed

4,283 responses

New Year Resolutions 2021

2,723 responses

Do Children Still Like Jigsaws?

1,930 responses

Favourite Part of English Language

1,330 responses

Saving a Species

2,002 responses

Belief in Ghosts

2,458 responses

Favourite Activity

2,047 responses

Do you Believe there is a God or Gods?

2,307 responses

How much should the Prime Minister be paid?

1,161 responses

How important is protecting the environment?

1,556 responses

Social Media Bullying

3,516 responses

How do chilren travel to school?

8,958 responses

If children could have a tattoo, what would they choose?

1,686 responses

How children feel about returning to school after lockdown

1,542 responses

How often did you hear from your teachers during the lockdown period?

1,257 responses

Favourite London Tourist Attraction

1,035 responses

Favourite Book Genre

1,297 responses

Would You Walk Under A Ladder?

1,169 responses

Favourite Music

1,806 responses

Favourite Charities

1,730 responses

Olympic Sport

7,100 responses

Favourite Planet

4,748 responses

How to Spend £200

3,401 responses

Preferred Season

5,412 responses

Fruit and Veg Consumption

6,520 responses

Experiences with Shakespeare

2,711 responses

Favourite Film Genre

1,952 responses

Age to Marry

1,928 responses

Favourite Science

3,469 responses

Daring Activities

3,290 responses

Ways to Relax

2,714 responses

Reaction to Bullies

1,754 responses

Religions of Children

2,327 responses

Learning About History

1,414 responses

Tidying the Bedroom

1,516 responses

Life Beyond Earth

1,271 responses

Climate Change

1,433 responses

Understanding BODMAS

1,546 responses

Least Favourite School Subjects

2,124 responses

Favourite Holiday Destinations

1,519 responses

New Year Resolutions

1,011 responses

Favourite things about Christmas

2,046 responses

Political Voting

1,339 responses

Spending £1 Million

1,309 responses

Screen Time at School

1,375 responses

Garden Bird Recognition

1,552 responses

Honesty and Kindness

1,209 responses

Political Parties

1,008 responses

Hedgehog SIghtings

1,185 responses

screen time at home

1,138 responses

Devices Used at Home

1,146 responses

Speaking a Foreign Language

1,282 responses

Walking in the Countryside

1,119 responses

Out of School Activities

1,080 responses

Most Valued Opinions

1,446 responses

Favourite Musical Instrument

1,517 responses

Brexit Consequences

602 responses

Most Concerning Issues

641 responses

Time Periods to Go To

856 responses

Favourite School Subjects

777 responses 19

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