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Learning About History

Learning History should be ENJOYABLE!

Learning About History Graph

We know that the more children enjoy learning the quicker they learn, so we wanted to find out which method of learning about history is the most enjoyable.

Here in the office of Education Quizzes we HOPED that children would say they enjoyed learning by quizzes the most – but they didn't. We EXPECTED that children would say they enjoyed learning by watching films the most – but they didn't!

We can reveal that the technique children enjoy the most is playing games. Thirty-two percent of children voted for this – over three times more than said they preferred to learn by reading.

We have consoled ourselves with the thought that at least learning by quizzes is preferable to learning by classroom lessons!

How can we Help?

If children want to learn by playing games then the least we can do is review the various offline games and suggest ones to look at. We have started a section at our site called Educational Games Reviews where we have already reviewed some of the most popular games and we will be looking at many more during the course of the year.

Of particular note is the game called History Heroes. There are many different versions dealing with famous people, kings and queens, inventors, scientists, artists and sports. All of them are fun for the entire family and all of them will help make history more enjoyable.

Full Results of Survey

Here are the results from 1,414 children who answered our question "How would you prefer to learn about history?"

Answer Percentage of Respondents
Reading 9
Classroom Lessons 12
Doing Quizzes 20
Watching Films 27
Playing Games 32

Nearing the End…

Here are a couple of quotes buried so deeply in history that nobody can remember who wrote them.

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.

And Finally

I make no bones about the fact that I love the music of Mozart and history is littered with stories about the great man. I doubt this actually happened, but I like to think that it did:

Admirer: Herr Mozart, I am thinking of writing symphonies. Can you tell me how to get started?

Mozart: A symphony is a very complex musical form. Perhaps you should begin with some simple song and work your way up to a symphony.

Admirer: But Herr Mozart, you were writing symphonies when you were 8 years old.

Mozart: Yes, but I never needed to ask anybody how.

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