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Key Stage 3 (KS3) Curriculum Quizzes for Ages 11 to 14

Efficient Learning and Revision for Years 7, 8 and 9

Say goodbye to monotonous worksheets and say hello to faster and more effective revision.

Before you get stuck in playing KS3 quizzes, learn all about what to expect in secondary school by reading our Understanding Curriculums in Secondary School blog.

Unsure what subjects will be studied at KS3 and GCSE? Find out in our Secondary School National Curriculum article.

Revising can be a real chore: it’s like trying to hoover the surface of the moon while a toddler waddles around dropping cookie crumbs everywhere.

There’s so much to do, over such a large surface and it’s seemingly endless. To make matters worse, for those aged between 11 to 14, there are approximately 1 million sources of distraction.

We found the solution.

Quiz Based Learning to the Rescue

Revision has been crying out for a more interactive platform.

Why take away all technology and rely solely on sleep-inducing textbooks, when children are so accustomed to technology? Here at Education Quizzes, we say yes to enjoyable quizzes and goodbye to boring revision. It’s like doing a series of pub quizzes, but on school subjects. Genius, right?

Every one of our quizzes has ten questions and provides feedback after each one. In addtion, most of the quizzes have a link at the bottom to the relevant BBC Bitesize page. That way, pupils can actively learn and remain engaged throughout. There’s no time for procrastination when there’s a quiz question to be answered! By making revision an interactive experience, students are more likely to pay attention and, therefore, retain information.

The Importance of KS3

We don’t want to cause absolute pandemonium, but KS3 is vastly important.

In these years, pupils are beginning to make their way towards GCSEs: the examinations that can have a considerable - and lasting - impact on their lives. Every step of a child’s education becomes more difficult than the previous stage. To ensure a smooth transition throughout, it’s important for students to keep on top of the subjects they cover with each progressing year.

We have quizzes specifically written to provide entertaining revision for those important Key Stage 3 tests. Individual quizzes can be played multiple times and scores are constantly recorded, so it is easy to track progress through the critical Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 stages of schooling.

Before you get stuck into the quizzes, why not have a read of our KS3 In Detail article?

What Education Quizzes Can Offer

We provide over 4,000 quizzes on English, maths, science and more. Each quiz has ten questions, with helpful feedback after each one. Pupils can turn screen time into revision time, and lose themselves in revision that actually engages them. It’s bitesize, and bitesize information is more digestible.

"Kids love doing quizzes and these are both straightforward and fun whilst being hugely helpful at reinforcing the curriculum." - Becky, Parent Reviewer

The great thing is, revision doesn’t have to be a solo event. Gone are the days where pupils have to read textbook after textbook in a silent room. Family and friends can get involved by testing children on their knowledge - or even taking turns! At Education Quizzes, we’re all about being interactive. So get social and get learning…

Down to the Nitty Gritty: The Cost

We’ve made it easy. It costs £9.99 a month or £49.99 a year for a subscription to Education Quizzes, with no hidden charges and no contracts. We don’t think it should cost the earth to have access to helpful, reliable material and we’re perfectly happy for you to share your subscription with your family. Sign up and get instant access to over 4,000 quizzes and cancel at absolutely any time - even after the first month!

We have thousands of successful students who are enjoying quiz-based learning.

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